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Vocalo’s Top 5 Songs Of September 2020

Written by on August 31, 2020

Village (Cover)

Jill Hopkins, host of The Morning AMP, blesses us with her top five tracks of the month …

Shingai “Echoes of You”

I’ve been a fan of Shingai for her work fronting and playing bass for London-based indie rock band, Noisettes.

On this solo track, deep house – meets – acid jazz – meets – modern-day Neneh Cherry. It’s very much suited to a change in mood to go with the change in seasons. 

Ves 120 & Waterr “Sunshine”

Glorious use of a Roy Ayers classic gives way to verses that paint pictures of real lives in Chicago. The good and the bad make up a shine that life may try to dull. But, this track makes you remember that everything, and maybe everyone is more brilliant in the sunshine. 

Sam Trump “Village”

Sam Trump, as a songwriter and arranger, is always just so damn THOUGHTFUL. You can hear and feel the consideration put into every song – for the players (of which is is the trumpet playing one), for the music, and for the listener. Aren’t we lucky?
How is a song about keeping money in the Black community so gorgeous?!?

Malach “Unheard”

Malach wears his soul on his sleeve here, in a R&B ode to George Floyd and the Black Live Matter movement. It’s deeply personal, but overwhelmingly relatable. Malach, we hear you. And, I hope a lot more people get to now.

Ja’Shaelyn  “Forever”

The VMAs were the other day and it was an audio/visual EXPERIENCE. And while this song totally deserves that same A/V treatment, and would fit right in among the big guns – no shade – I would 1000% rather spend all day with this little slice of pop goodness than almost anything MTV gave us on Sunday. 

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