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In Rotation: Jill’s Top 5 Picks To Welcome In The Fall

Written by on October 7, 2020

Host of The Morning AMp Jill Hopkins has chosen her five favorite tracks in this month’s Rotation playlist…

Deanna Devore (feat. D’Zhari) – “Love Again”

A song about letting yourself be vulnerable, while giving your soul and your heart a pep talk. And, it’s lovely.
This would fit in on the soundtrack for “Waiting to Exhale 2: That Car’s STILL on Fire”, a movie I just made up, but you know you would pay good money to stream 

Regi Angelou – “We, The People”

On her website, Regi Angelou says “More artists should consider the value of telling real stories. Especially rappers.”
In “We, The People”, this rapper tells the very real story of the frustration and anger of the American people. Bump this in your headphones while you vote.

Teo the Artist – “Crazy”

Teo The Artist's Debut Album, "Open Mind," is a Confessional Joy Ride,  Buckle Up Listeners

I think I walked by while they were filming the video for this. If I’d known that it was for a song that is this weird and goes this hard, I would’ve stopped to check it out.

I don’t know why this track feels SO Chicago, but it just does. That’s crazy. 

Ja’Shaelyn – “808s”

Vocalo Ja'Shaelyn Sees the Beauty in Being “Unknown”

You know what I miss? Pre-gaming and getting ready to hit the clubs with my friends on a Saturday night. You know what song I’m saving to play for when we can finally do that again? This one.

The fact that I can’t do that this weekend is upsetting me and my homegirls.

JusSol – “Couch Surfer”

JusSol on Spotify

Couch surfing and youth have one very big thing in common: Impermanence. “Couch Surfer” allows JusSol space to admit that they don’t have either figured out, but that’s okay. Both are temporary.
Anyway, they seem to have a really good handle on the whole “writing really good R&B songs” thing, which is nice.

Listen to our entire “In Rotation” playlist below!

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