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Bekoe’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Picks: July 2023

Written by on July 12, 2023

Pictured above: Khaliyah X, courtesy of the artist.

Explore the captivating world of this month’s featured artists on our “In Rotation” playlist and discover Bekoe’s insights into his top five favorite tracks.

Dive into an impressive selection of Bekoe’s top five songs featured in July’s “In Rotation” playlist — including Senite, JHM,  Khaliyah X and more. Get to know this month’s selections and stream the complete playlist below!

Senite – “Chaotic”

Chicago super-talent Senite returns to our rotation with a beautiful audio masterpiece. Her latest single “Chaotic” is about searching for freedom and space in a world of chaos. Her charismatic way with words and smooth melodies is by far the opposite of chaotic. Senite’s songwriting capabilities are slowly obtruding in a way the world needs to see and hear. Make sure to catch “Chaotic” playing over your radio, as well as in our playlist.

Li Scott – “You”

I’ve never been to New Jersey, but one thing I can assure is how the state produces great talent and Li Scott is one to know. After releasing her single “You” back in 2021, which has racked up over a half million streams on Spotify and is inching closer to a half a million views on YouTube, Li Scott is heating up the R&B scene – and I don’t see anything standing in her way.

From her sassy appeal and vocal range, to her consistency with marketing and developing her musical presence, Scott is on the edge of becoming something more. But before her she skyrockets, there’s still time for “You” to get in tune now, and not later. Check out the official video for “You” below, and make sure to turn your radio on and catch it live.

Khaliyah X – “What’s My Name”

Chicago singer and songwriter Khaliyah X is creating waves – and as her tsunami of talent washes upon the world, she’s making sure you say her name out loud. Khaliyah’s recent single “What’s My Name,” believe it or not, was a Vocalo exclusive which premiered mid-May.

As you listen, you’ll hear a slight sample of Alicia Keys’s 2003 hit single “You Don’t Know My Name,” produced by Chicago’s own Kanye West. Khaliyah’s rendition fits perfectly like frosting on a cake, and it sounds just as sweet… if not sweeter. Remember the name Khaliyah X, and say it loud as you stream her latest single below on Spotify (which is inching closer to 100K streams).

JHM – “Fever Dreams” (feat. Fractures)

Vocalo is about variety, and New Zealand’s upcoming artist JHM is a producer, singer and songwriter who recently released a musing record known as “Fever Dreams.” From the upbeat production to her feel-good harmonies, JHM’s dreamy tune is one that’ll enlighten your mood and possibly bring your fantasy to reality. Press play, close your eyes and let your thoughts indulge within JHM’s luminous vibe.

TheoryMartinX – “Tomorrow”

Harvey, Illinois, singer-songwriter and rap artist TheoryMartinX is very instrumental in providing his listeners with stories, and soulful but uplifting musical hymns. For his recent release, X shares his Theory and reminds us that today is the day to take action, pursue our dreams and cherish the ones we love. Once this is understood, you empower your journey for “Tomorrow.”

It’s a positive record all the way around, with joyful production that includes angelic vocals seamlessly adding an extra touch of love. Check it out below, and catch it live on air today, tomorrow and/or the day after tomorrow.

Listen to the full “In Rotation” playlist on Spotify or by tuning in to 91.1 FM …

Written by Bekoe

Introduction written by Omi Salisbury

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