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Lili K Talks Letting Go, Having Fun, and Making Music Just for the Love of It…

Lili K's new EP “Songs With Friends,” is what happens when an artist sheds the weight of the world and just makes music because it's fun.

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Fee Lion Talks Self Love, Chicago Couture, and Stepping Into Your Power.

On her new EP "Blood Sisters," the artist taps into her dark fantasies in search of self-love, and steps into her own power.

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Slingshot Scenes: 5 Chicago Latinx Artists To Watch In 2019

Vocalo Radio highlights five artists who are preserving Latinx music in Chicago.

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Amare Symone on London, Life and Living Abroad

L.A. born / Brooklyn bred R&B singer sings farewell to Chicago and hello to London on new EP.

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Slingshot Scenes: 5 Chicago DJs To Watch In 2019

Chicago DJs share unspoken roles as curators and selectors, indispensable on a city-wide scale. These are the five DJs from Chicago you need to know.

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