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Kanye West Announces An Opera (Which Isn’t As Crazy As It Sounds)

In a career – and personal life – loaded with enough drama to fuel an opera, Kanye West is finally presenting one


Documentary “When It Breaks” Looks at Teacher Burnout

Wert turns to his musical side career as a means to tour the country with his family ...


Jill Hopkins Hosts New Podcast “Making Beyonce”

To celebrate she put together this playlist as a companion piece to the show.


Singer Manny Torres Talks Faith, Health, and Having Perspective

"Community is what I live for. I believe we are here to be a light to the community and to serve others."


Microphone Misfitz Travel to Outer Space on New Album and Comic Book

The “Escape from Babylon" saga continues with Vol. 4 from Chicago's dynamic Hip Hop crew.

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