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Shawnee Dez loves to stay open with herself and her fans

Chicago singer Shawnee Dez evokes a wide range of emotions with her sultry, dreamy voice and sound that straddles between Soul and R&B.

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HXRY Gets Gritty and Bassy on New Single “Doofus”

HXRY (pronounced “Harry”) is a fresh force in Chicago’s music scene

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Shad Grapples With Social Inequality On Concept Album “Short Story About A War”

Shad's newest album is called "Short Story About A War," a concept album about a society plagued by fear, confusion, greed and inequality.

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Chaka Khan drops Hello Happiness

Hello Happiness, The new Chaka Khan album, strikes a delicate balance between giving hardcore fans what they want and supplying some serious sonic experimentation.

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‘We Need To Exist In Multitudes’: Noname Talks Artistic Independence, Women In Rap

Fatimah Warner, best known as the rapper Noname, has been quietly gaining attention for her feminist and socially aware lyrics. NPR's Michel Martin talks to Warner about her sophomore album, Room 25.

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