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Jill’s Top 5 In Rotation Tracks For March

Written by on March 18, 2021

Jill Hopkins breaks down her favorite tracks from our March 2021 In Rotation tracks. Refresh your playlists for the spring and read what she had to say about these five artists.

Teo the Artist – “Come Find Me”

Hazy, echo-y, and so perfect through good headphones. I’m listening to this on a rainy Chicago afternoon, and it’s compelling me to add a hot cup of tea to the equation. I’m very quickly becoming Jill the Fan of Teo the Artist. 

Sensey – “Hibiscus”

The intersection of R&B and dancehall has always been a VERY hot corner. Sensey is doing a fine job of starting the queue for “Summer Jams 2021.” I feel like this is what Drake thinks he’s doing, but Sensey is doing it way better. Don’t @ me. 

BadBoyRain – “Unserious”

The music picks this month are really putting my wine skills to the test. Am I still dutty with it? Lemme check. 

I’m back, and I need to sit down. BadBoyRain, you broke me!

Eleeza Silva – “DNTGETUSE2ME”

Silva too smooth! Babygirl meets grown-and-sexy vocals over botanical beats, as it turns out, are the way to my heart, and onto this list. We’ll be hearing a lot more from Eleeza Silva if I have anything to say about it … and I do!

Ano Bank$ – “Black Gold”

A dark cocktail bar, a third date, the right amount of hand touching. When folks get to do that sort of thing again, Ano Bank$ has just the song for you. A round of Sazeracs, please and thank you. 

Stream our full In Rotation playlist below!

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