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“Being able to celebrate my friends and other Filipino creatives means the world.”

Ayana Contreras explains how a record she picked up in Cuba ties back to Chicago…

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“House music is music for everybody.”

To round out 2021, Vocalo’s digital team is reflecting on the artists and creators who help make our station (and our city) great — like Ausar!

“Not everyone is gonna rock with you and you won’t rock with everyone, so just try to be the best person you can be…”

“There’s no ‘new’ without pre-existing ideas, and I think that speaks to the importance of music history.”

ADIA dances into 2022 with “Do It.”

Bekoe shares 12 favorite local tracks of 2021…

To round out the year, we’re looking back on artists who have helped to make our station great — like Oliv Blu!