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Georgia Anne Muldrow’s New Jyoti Project Delivers Retro-Inspired Jazz With “Mama, You Can Bet!”

Written by on August 28, 2020

Jyoti's 'Mama, You Can Bet!' Shows Why Georgia Anne Muldrow Is One of Her  Generation's Greatest Jazz Artists

The jazz artist from the Los Angeles avant-garde scene Georgia Anne Muldrow is not afraid to get inventive with her sound, changing themes and names to keep listeners on their toes. This time around, Muldrow is back as her alias Jyoti for a laid-back, warm, nostalgic new record.

It’s easy to pigeonhole artists into neat boxes, sometimes curbing the potential of future experimentation. As much as we may decry this limitation and compartmentalization, listeners have and continue to do so. But sometimes in comes an artist to crash through our cardboard boxes of expectation and shows us the true potential of their craft.

Georgia Anne Muldrow is a trailblazer, unafraid to veer off the path, ready to carve out her own. Gaining her fame in the avant-garde and experimental music scene of Los Angeles, her music-making creativity was fostered by a desire to push boundaries. “Music is our way of travelling through the limitations of physical space. It’s a time machine, a teleport,” Muldrow said in an interview with Vinyl Factory, and with this new record, Muldrow is taking us back some decades to a past world with the privilege of a present sensibility.

“Mama, You Can Bet!” is a project by Jyoti, Muldrow’s pseudonym for her solo projects, and as such her sound becomes as interconnected and personal as a motherly relationship. This feeling of comfort and care is present throughout the album as the songs calmly flow between one another with the smoothness of any R&B track. Its jazz roots, however, keep the record moving forward, maintaining our attention with its unpredictability.

A fusion of R&B, soul, jazz and even funk makes “Mama” an album belonging to a different era. The album cover itself reflects its retro roots. But you can rest assured knowing that this album is only taking a step back to look toward the future, with the continued experimentation and wildness that only Jyoti can provide.

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Written by Luis Mejía Ahrens

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