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Jill Hopkins’s Top 5 Tracks For January

Written by on January 13, 2021

Jill Hopkins shares with us her favorite tracks from our first “In Rotation” playlist of 2021 …

Jimmee Music – “FEEL” 

Okay, maybe it’s that I haven’t been able to walk amongst nature, or hug my friends in a while, but the outdoorsy sounds that run underneath this ode to a special someone are making me miss all sorts of “me, you, us” times my own self. I hope the object of Jimmee’s affection reciprocates and that they get to feel so wonderful together soon. 

Julius Dolls – “damnthatscrazy

Sunset, third weekend in July, Union Park. If “damnthatscrazy” does nearly as well as it deserves to, and makes the rest of the world feel the way it makes me feel, that’s where we’ll all be hearing this song when we’re allowed to festival again. More like, “damnthatshazy” – am I right?

Cruz Ocho – Everything is Fine

Come through, “Little Lulu” sample! Cruz flow sits atop this irresistible beat like a cherry on a sundae. A sundae made with one scoop of self-deprecating humor, one scoop of healthy realism, and the talk we all give ourselves to get out of bed in the morning sprinkled on top. 

Caleb Taylor – “Wall Talk!

Who could resist the offers to whisk us away to Paris that Caleb Taylor is putting on the table here? This is the kind of smoothness people who are rarely single have, that’s impossible to bottle. I mean, you can’t distill it, but you can apparently put horns under it and call it a day. I’m jealous. I want to be both the author and subject of this song. 

Shelbyy SA – “LaToya

Who is this LaToya? Any woman worth writing this sensual a song about must be doooooope. This is grown folks R&B – Badu-ish and sparse, with lyrics that definitely make you want to turn the page and see how the rest of this story goes. Shelbyy, you have to tell us! Did it work? Did you and LaToya get married? I MUST KNOW. 

You can listen to our entire “In Rotation” playlist below!

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