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In Rotation: 5 Songs You’ll Love This February

Written by on February 3, 2020


The first month of 2020 has come and gone …

If our #InRotation submissions are any indication … this decade is going to be full of incredible music. We asked our Morning AMP Host, the illustrious Jill Hopkins, to pick her 5 favorite tracks from our #InRotation chart for February.

With music from Gem Tree, Carmen $ummer, Nephew Sam, Konsept the Emcee and Magix King … This playlist is sure to start your February off right.


Gem Tree  – “Mums” 

My favorite summer ever was the summer of 1997. I was out of school, a brand new grown-up, and my mom told me I didn’t have to find a job and to enjoy my last summer of freedom before adulthood punched me in the face.

This song feels like that summer: warm and hazy, fun and carefree, and with someone repeatedly saying to me, “I don’t know what you’re doing now.”


Carmen Summer – “Doing Too Much” 

Wooo, chilayy. I don’t know how y’all do it. Carmen Summer makes a VERY good case for being single, if it means you don’t have to date people who will only hold you back.  And, that case is “These boys ain’t ish.”

Now, maybe that’s true. But, whether it is or not it is, you now have a theme song to encourage you to step out of Cuffing Season and into an S5 – a Super Single Sassy Sexy (Carmen) Summer.


Nephew Sam, Tijo – “Beautiful Disaster”

Okay, that last thing I said was harsh. There are men out here who just want to have a relationship, ya feel me? Nephew Sam is done hiding. Where is Niece Sammi? This guy is fine alone, but to paraphrase the great 20th century poet, James Todd Smith, “He needs love.”


Konsept the Emcee – “Whoever Doubted”

I like the cars, the cars that go “BOOM”.

And, I needed something new to twerk to…

So, thanks, Konsept the Emcee for helping me check off both of those boxes so early in the year. Next time I drop it low, it’ll be to this track.


Magix King – “Lady and the Tramp”

All the ballers at the club in “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” with they pockets fully grown? This track may be what their POV is like.
Listen. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. You need something that expresses to your loved one how you feel about their booty. And, Magix King knows that. Let him assist.


Listen To Our Full #InRotation Playlist Below:


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