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Jill Hopkins’s Top 5 Tracks for December

Written by on December 10, 2020

Jill Hopkins sifted carefully through this month’s “In Rotation” playlist, and found her top picks to round out this year of fantastic music.

Claire Reneé – “Read My Lips”

Claire Reneé is a classically trained dancer, which is hella unfair, ‘cause girl can sang too. This hard beat paired up with jazzy, airy vocals hit all of the sweet spots. My Chicago-based Old Heads out there will find that this goes well over any memories you may have of Liquid Kitty.

Haich Ber Na – “Think About It”

There was a summer when I was in my 20s where, in every bar I worked, someone would put money in the jukebox and replicate the Dark Wave Disco NYC nightlife experience of the time. This harks back to a time when we danced all night and smoked indoors, and that is the highest compliment I can give. 

Serena Isioma – “Stop Calling the Police on Me”

The title is a reasonable request on its own, and one Black folks have been asking for forever. But the lush vocals here turn that demand into a plaintive plea for understanding; a relatable call to defund that stays in your head for days. 

Gem Tree – “Make Me Wanna”

What is that slinky sound that weaves in and out of this song? I want it in everything. And, honestly, I want more Gem Tree in everything. With “Make Me Wanna,” she continues her streak of great, unique, lovely songs for the people! 

Saint Ripley – “It’s Okay to Be Alone”

Ooooooh, chile. I wish someone had come around with something that told me that being in a toxic relationship is waayyyy worse than not being in any relationship. And if that message came in a gorgeous R&B package? Maybe I could’ve saved myself some real heartache, and money at the bar. 

You can listen to our entire “In Rotation” playlist below!

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