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Serengeti Reveals A New Chapter Of Kenny Dennis’s Life On “AJAI”

Written by on April 6, 2020


With a tale that began back in 2012, Chicago rapper Serengeti steps back in the shoes of his alter ego Kenny Dennis, the sausage-obsessed Bulls fanatic turned rapper.

Jill Hopkins talked with Serengeti on developing this character, and what changes have happened in this average-Joe’s fictional life.

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Is this album a follow-up to the Kenny Dennis story? What’s new in this story?

It’s the follow up to the last record which was Dennis 6e.

This is the one after that takes place like three years after it. And yeah, it was a blast to make And it was fun to get lost in it and just put it out now. I mean why not?

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Tell me about your your partner in crime, Kenny Segal.

Segal’s dope. We actually started to work on something years ago. I went to his house and nothing really transpired. This time he sent me these beats and it just all came to in like a week!

It was great to just sort of get that fun back. Just doing it. Like, “Oh this is fun.” Just really liking the process of making it instead of thinking “oh, this will do this.” It was none of that it was just like it was just fun to make, I feel good about it.

Where is Kenny Dennis right now? What is he doing?

Well, in the album, he lives in Minnesota now. He found out about Jueles, the reality of Jueles. The he runs away to Minnesota and that’s where the 6e had taken place. He’s this shell of a man, recording all of his thoughts right into this micro tape. and he loses that and it gets turned into an album and that’s the 6e. According to AJAI, he’s still in Minnesota, but he has a new joy in his life. You know, the whole sneaker drops hypebeast sorta lifestyle is what Kenny is doing now.

So you know, he’s waiting for the next drops. He sees that there’s a new Virgil Abloh or Jordans coming out and he wonders how can you get his hands on that through the sneaker app. He’s checking out the whole the whole collapse, so he’s having a nice time.


I know you’re a big sports person. This time of year we should all be sitting in the stands at a Sox game right now. Are you watching any old sports games on YouTube?

Well, you know, I do like boxing a lot, like, even prior to this I used to watch a lot of old boxing matches before to go to bed. It’s sort of just calming to watch old matches. I’ve been doing that even before, but not so much the old games.

But I will tell you, it is something to watch. Like an old Bulls game or something that has all of the old ads in it, and just see how different 1996 looks. And it’s nice to watch those old games. But you know, like, I don’t really even miss sports. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. I live a very isolated life. I never really went to games anyway. Seems like a nice time; all your friends getting together having some hot-dogs or some beers,  going out to the game having some talks. Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe if this comes back around then maybe I’ll start to do that.

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