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Jill Hopkins Picks Her Favorite April #InRotation Additions

Written by on April 6, 2020

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Hey Vocaleros! It’s time for the April edition of New Music Mondays! Like always, our inbox runneth over with great Chicago music this month, and we LOVED it. 

In a time such as this, music remains more important than ever. Keep sending your submissions to us at and who knows? I could be writing quippy blurbs about YOU!


Nnamdi – “Gimme Gimme” 

You know who will 100% still have jobs when we get out of this whole thing? Exotic dancers. And you know what they’ll need? Songs to dance to that feel fresh, that everyone else isn’t dancing to. Something with EDGE. Nnamdi’s “Gimme Gimme” could and should be that song.


Azizz – “Grown N Sexy”

This makes me want to bust out a pair of flowy, brightly colored satin pajamas and sing directly to a camera, like the “Creep” video or that one episode of AtlantaSpeaking of TV, this would go sooooo well on Insecure over an establishing shot of the city at sunset, right before Issa makes a terrible decision about Daniel. 

Defcee & Custom Made – “Unlegendary” 

Defcee is the host of the Freestyle Olympics every year at the Winter Block Party (hosted by Vocalo and YCA), and he’s a teacher in his daytime life, so it makes sense that he’s taking other rappers to school here. You could study and/or chill to the mighty fine Custom Made beat here, but good luck taking your ears off the bars.

Eleeza Silva – “Pecado” 

This song just feels like it should already be massively popular. When we get permission to be summer babies, we already has a jam lined up for top down Lake Shore Drive times. Good. One less thing to worry about.

Noah Sims – “Vacation”

Remember going places? Those were good times. I like my house and all, but…you know. Travel is also cool. Noah Sims wrote us a song about escape that didn’t know that it would be #mood for these stuck-at-home times.

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