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Jill’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Tracks: September 2021

Written by on September 15, 2021

Get up close and personal with the new batch of tracks we’re spinning all month long.

Check in with afternoons host Jill Hopkins and read what she had to say about her five favorite “In Rotation” tracks for September.

Pictured above: Jhm for “Santorini” music video, dir. Brooke Kymberley.

Abel and Adam Martinez by Luiisrtz, via Instagram

Saint Ripley & PHNX.WAV – “90 Mile (Remix)”

The “90 Mile” remix features a brand new verse from PHNX.WAV — pronounced “Phoenix dot wave” — and Raven Arcane on the hook. Firstly, I stan a D&D reference in a name. Hats off to you, Raven. Secondly, this Cuban inspired jam is THE JAM! I’m so excited to keep tabs on what Saint Ripley does going forward.

Coolout Chris & SamIam The MC – “In the Park”

I’ve been a fan of SamIam since I first saw him at the 2010 Miss Wicker Park pageant (which I won, btw). His battle rhymes are among the best I’ve ever heard. Coolout Chris has provided the absolute perfect vehicle for his word-smithing, and I hope this is a partnership that lasts a loooong time. 

Jhm – “Santorini”

This is a lovely song. It just is. Jhm pays tribute to her parents’ long-lasting marriage, and you know we love love around here. If Jhm’s folks are as nice as this song sounds, remind me to invite them to a dinner party or something. 

Adam Martinez & Abel – “Peligrosa”

Aaaarrgh! I kick myself daily for not sticking with Spanish after high school. I know enough to know that “Peligrosa” means “Dangerous.” That stuck so I didn’t die. But, this song is such a bop that that’s all I need to know to enjoy it.
BRB, downloading Duolingo onto my phone.

Bri Feel – “Right”

A bedroom needs a few things to be the kind of place where good lovin’ happens: mood lighting, a soft breeze, maybe those gauzy curtains dudes were singing through in the 90s — and, as it turns out, this song by Bri Feel.
This consultation was free. Name your child after me when you conceive them to this quiet storm.


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