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5 Independent Chicago Hip Hop Projects of 2019 You Should Have Listened To …

Written by on December 30, 2019

Top 5 Chicago Independent HIp Hop Projects of 2019 (1)

With 2019 coming to an end, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite Chicago independent Hip hop projects of 2019 you might have missed. Check them out below, and if you like what you hear feel free to add them to your preferred playlist.

5. Bianca Shaw – “Exhale”


Bianca Shaw hails from the Westside of Chicago and she released her debut project under Taylor Bennett Entertainment titled “Exhale.” Her project premiered via Billboard in which they stated:

“Is a breath of fresh air!”

I agree with their statement because upon listening, Bianca shows versatility by mixing and mashing up both rap, R&B, as well as little Pop. Her project has 7 tracks with features from TBE founder Taylor Bennett and singer/songwriter/producer Gabriel Alex. If you like diversity I’d recommend giving it a listen below.

4. Matt Muse – “Love & Nappyness”


Chicago emcee Matt Muse is all about naturality and loving one’s self. and his project “Love & Nappyness” is a project that’ll help you focus on your well-being, family and most importantly loving yourself.

His project has 7 tracks that also includes an interlude, as well as features from Pivot Gang affiliate Joseph Chilliams, and Mon’aerie. So if you’re interested in an artist who’s truly in tune with themself, Matt Muse “Love & Nappyness” is a go-to project I feel you should checkout.

3. Kid Breeze – “Sunny and Partly Cloudy”


Chicago native and emcee/producer Kid Breeze put together a very solid project under the alias “Sunny and Partly Cloudy.” Breeze’s project was co-produced alongside Law Beatz, and it showcases serene wordplay, mood-setting production, and a vibe that can be played on any day, in any weather.

“Sunny and Partly Cloudy” has 9 tracks with features from Pretty Riot, Jae Haze, Richie Wes, Audrey Valentine and Joel Q. If you’re into real rap, and smooth production Kid Breeze has you covered.

2. Femdot – “94 Camry Music”


Chicago emcee Femdot has been around for quite some time, and his artistic independence has been more than appreciated. On top of that, the way he arranges his music releases is like no other. Fem takes time to prepare a genuine concept that not only showcases his passion for storytelling, but his pleasantry of lyrics seamlessly resonates with his listeners.

Femdot’s latest 2019 release titled “94 Camry Music” is a 6 track project that has a solo feature from STL native Smino, and it focuses on eventful moments toward the car he grew up driving. If you’re not hip to Femdot, his 2019 release will help put you in-tune with how special of an emcee he is.

1. Add-2 – “Jim Crow The Musical”


Chicago emcee Add-2 has been on the music scene since 2014, but I admit. I didn’t get hip until now! It’s better late than never, and I must say Add-2’s ear for music is what blew me away.

I’m not the one to compare, but if I had to dive deep just to give you a better understanding of what Add-2 brings to the table. I’d say after listening to his 2019 release titled “The Jim Crow Musical.” He gave me Kendrick LamarTo Pimp A Butterfly” vibes, and for those who don’t know. That album set Kendrick apart by making him the first hip hop artists to ever receive a Pulitzer award, as well as be archived in the library at Harvard University.

With this being Add-2’s first music release within 4 years. It truly showed how much time he put toward studying and finding an intriguing sound that helped him approach the music scene in a profound way, after his absence.

“Jim Crow The Musical” showcases 19 tracks, with features from Sam Trump, Brittney Carter, Oliv Blu, Phonte, KoKu Gonza, Elisa Latrice and much more. The purpose of his project says it all within its title. As you listen below you’ll hear Storytelling, impressive interludes, meaningful lyricism, and content that matters. Add-2 fully embraced the culture and put together what I feel will become a classic.


Written by Bekoe

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