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Mayoush Is Chicago’s Rising “Lebanese Soul Diva”

Written by on May 24, 2023

Seamlessly blending lyrics in English, French and Arabic, Lebanese singer-songwriter Mayoush fuses her culture with her artistry — adding to Chicago’s diverse music scene. She stopped by the Vocalo studios to sit down with afternoon host Nudia Hernandez and discuss.

Born and raised in South Chicago by Lebanese immigrants, Mayoush pays homage to her roots by making music as the “Lebanese Soul Diva” (which she shortens to LSD, “like Lake Shore Drive”). Growing up speaking English, French and Arabic, she finds ways to incorporate all three languages in her lyrics, often helping her get past writer’s block.

“If I found myself stuck on a line the other language would pop in,” Mayoush shared. “It started off as a way to help me write and had become so … important.” 

Mayoush uses fuses ’90s R&B and Lebanese music to create her signature sound. Morgan Ciocca/Vocalo Radio.

Mayoush initially appeared on Vocalo’s radar when her single “All Mine” was selected for the “Poised To Break Through” playlist in November 2021. Since then, she has been busy making music and released her newest single “#1 Girl” on March 22, which was added to the same playlist this April. Mixing her smooth trilingual vocals with a ‘90s R&B beat, “#1 Girl” shows the full range of expression Mayoush’s music offers. 

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“I’m just taking the two things I know best and love the most, and trying to express myself and heal myself and heal others through that,” she explained. 

Inspired by the melodies and musical dexterity of Arabic artists, she strives to bring that energy into her own sound while blending her love for old-school R&B. In her conversation with Nudia Hernandez, Mayoush weighs in on bringing more Lebanese culture to Chicago, using language to heighten her lyrics and being the “Lebanese Soul Diva.”

Morgan Ciocca/Vocalo Radio

Introduction written by Joshua X. Miller

Interview and audio editing by Nudia Hernandez

Photography by Morgan Ciocca

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