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This week’s segment of “This Is What Chicago Sounds Like” features a Chicago doula and activist.

Nudia Hernandez sits down with the singer-songwriter.

Hear Reggie Ponder’s thoughts on the tenth installment of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise.

The local artist explores her musical identity, inspired by the eclectic sounds of Chicago’s music scene.

Dreamer Isioma sits down to discuss their sophomore album.

Singer and songwriter Tamar Mitchell sat down to talk about his career and music.

Chicago-based artist Damiane Nickles uses his art to spark conversation and create space for other artists of color.

D2x stopped by Vocalo studios to talk new projects in the works, building connections and maturing in life and music.

The expansive event brings the international art community to Chicago.

After moving to LA, femdot. stopped by the Vocalo studios to break down what he’s been up to, and new music on the horizon.