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Manasseh Makes Music To Reach The Heart

Written by on March 15, 2023

Nearly three months after performing in-studio for Vocalo and the MCA’s “Soundtrack Sessions” series, Chicago singer, songwriter and vocal arranger Manasseh returned to Vocalo and discussed his new album, and the release that comes with creative self-expression.

Manasseh’s smile and laughter is infectious, lighting up the studio as he sat down for a conversation with Vocalo afternoon host Nudia Hernandez and production intern Joshua X. Miller. Morgan Ciocca/Vocalo Radio

“What’s from the heart reaches the heart.”

– Manasseh

From a young age, music has always been part of Manasseh’s identity; many of his family members were musicians, including his mother, who was also a vocalist. Now, as a singer and vocal arranger making a name for himself in the city’s music scene, Manasseh credits his mother for his gift of expressing himself through music. With every song, he delivers intricate harmonies and masterful music production, and aims to instill the music with a message. At times, the message is for himself and at times it’s for others, but at their core each song is an emotional expression beyond the scope of words alone.

“There is something about being able to express my words and my feelings [through music],” he explained. “I feel a little bit lighter every time.”

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His 2022 album Monochromatic Dream is an ethereal collection of songs showcasing the artist’s powerful vocals, and earned praise from WTTW and Vocalo. In December, he stopped by the Vocalo studios for the first time to perform songs from the album, including “Fall In Mud” and “13,” for the “Soundtrack Sessions” series, Vocalo’s ongoing collaboration in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art. The performance was released just ahead of his live show at the Museum in December.

Returning to the Vocalo studios last week, the artist sat down with afternoons host Nudia Hernandez and production intern Joshua X. Miller to discuss expressing his emotions through music, his new album Variations and the importance of looking back on past accomplishments.

His next performance is scheduled for March 17 at Space 333 in Ukrainian Village, opening for fellow local artists Illville Vanguard and LeftJones. More information is available online.

(Right – from left to right) Vocalo production intern Joshua X. Miller, Manasseh and Vocalo afternoon host Nudia Heranndez outside of the Vocalo studio after sitting down to talk music and self-expression. Morgan Ciocca/Vocalo Radio

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Interview by Nudia Hernandez and Joshua X. Miller

Audio editing by Joshua X. Miller

Photography by Morgan Ciocca

Introduction written by Morgan Ciocca and Joshua X. Miller

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