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Pat Junior On All Things ‘Gold Fangs’ and ‘Grill Talk’

Written by on October 4, 2023

Throughout the making of his new album, Grill Talk Mixtape, Vol. 1 — out today — North Carolina-based hip-hop artist Pat Junior centered God and family in his creative process.

While his 2021 album Gold Fangs On Sunday sends a message of empowerment to others, Pat Junior’s latest album, Grill Talk Mixtape, Vol. 1, is representative of his own sense of confidence. The project also reflects his journey of standing firm against challenges, armed with his strong sense of faith.

Bekoe (left) sat down with North Carolina artist Pat Junior (right) ahead of his new album, Grill Talk Mixtape, Vol. I, out today. Jayvon Ambrose for Vocalo Radio.

Though his faith is central to his artistry, his relationship with religion has not always been smooth sailing. During his high school years, Junior took a break from music altogether after undergoing a traumatic event in his home church, wherein his pastor publicly rebuked him for rapping in front of the entire congregation. 

“I didn’t realize there was so much trauma that impacted my life and how I lived and saw my life from that point,” Junior shared.

Working through his religious trauma while still chasing his passion for music since this time, Junior accredits therapy and a newfound personal relationship with God for his comeback.

His then-friend, now-wife Tam was in the audience during the incident, and has been a witness to his personal and artistic evolution in the years since. The couple have been together for 17 years and married for 13. Junior considers his wife to be a highly influential part of his music career and values her opinion, no matter how honest it is. The pair work together as a team to build Junior’s career and navigate the changing landscape of the alternative hip-hop scene.

“She’s taught me and helped me with so much,” he remarked. “Not just as a person, but as an artist, too.”

In conversation with Vocalo mornings host Bekoe, Junior broke down his new project Grill Talk Mixtape, Vol. 1 for listeners. Out today, the album features 15 tracks, 12 of which were written inspired by a spiritual encounter with God, highlighting Junior’s catchy flows, powerful lyrics and beats designed for the stage.

Keep up with Pat Junior on Instagram and listen to more of his music on Spotify below.

Interview and audio production by Bekoe

Written introduction by Blake Hall

Photos by Jayvon Ambrose

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