08 / 20 / 14
Killer Moon on Live From Studio 10 (aired August 2014)
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Chicago trio Killer Moon reaches deep into 60’s rock traditions and the mind-bending guitar solos coupled with hypnotic bass grooves needed to revive a truly psychedelic musical experience.

Live From Studio 10 airs Tuesdays at 8pm CST on Vocalo 91.1 FM & 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 FM (NWI) and Vocalo.org, and features emerging bands and music artists from Chicago and beyond. One hour of music and interview, all live. The show is hosted by Jesse Menendez, produced by Fyodor Sakhnovski and engineered by Adam Yoffe. Subscribe to the podcast here:bitly.com/vocaloLFS10

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's LiveFromStudio10

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08 / 20 / 14
Women in men's sports: The AMp talks Mo'ne Davis
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New Council of Feminist Thought guests Elizabeth Gomez and Emily Keck joined Molly Adams and Brian Babylon on the council today, and the topic turned to Little League World Series phenom Mo’ne Davis and challenges women face playing male dominated sports. Davis, a 13 year old who throws 70 miles per hour, is the first girl to throw a shutout in the Little League World Series. Take a listen!

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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08 / 19 / 14

The Singles on Live From Studio 10 - 8/19

L.A. based pop garage rock outfit, The Singles have made a name for themselves for their catchy tunes that cut to the chase of infectious guitar melodies and themes of love and heartache. We’re excited to hear them play songs off their latest album Look How Fast A Heart Can Break live in studio!

Tune in Tuesday, 8/19 at 8 PM CT on 91.1 FM & 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 FM (NWI) or stream at www.vocalo.org/player 

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08 / 19 / 14
Student debt: an impending crisis?
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Morning AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon had a roundtable discussion with intern Tony Buitrago and his sister Katie Buitrago about the growing student debt crisis in America, which has quadrupled in the last ten years to over 1.2 trillion dollars. Katie happens to be the Sr. Policy and Communications Associate at the Woodstock Institute, a nonprofit organization that advocates action against unethical practices of for-profit colleges when it comes to student loans. Tony dove into the issue to find out how student debt affects students, how it affects the economy and what’s being done to solve the issue. Take a listen.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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08 / 19 / 14
Livin' Large Lubecker: Too Much Money for an iPhone Case
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Morning AMp Intern AJ Lubecker has problem managing his money so he shares his tales of woe (and wins!) with us so we can learn from him. This week he’s back with a very regretful iPhone case purchase, which has Molly Adams and Brian Babylon shaking their heads. Molly attempts to lift AJ’s spirit by sharing a great purchase she made.

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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08 / 18 / 14
Moonrise Nation discuss "moonrising" ideas into music
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Chicago indie pop trio Moonrise Nation combines influences of classical, jazz, and folk rock on their new self-titled EP. The group joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to discuss the whirlwind of their recent success, their jazz beginnings and their own way of turning ideas into music, a process they call “moonrising.”

The MusicVox airs weekdays 4-6 PM on 90.7 FM (CHI) / 89.5 (NWI) /www.vocalo.org

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Music Vox

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08 / 18 / 14
Vocalo On WBEZ Ep. 112 - Jamie Masada talks Richard Pryor, Atmosphere, DJ Charlie
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In this episode: Jamie Masada, the founder of The Laugh Factory in Chicago and Los Angeles, joined The Morning AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to discuss how he started his famous comedy club when he was only 16 years old. Masada also shared some of his fondest memories of the late Richard Pryor.

On their new album Southsiders, Atmosphere find themselves in familiar waters. The album has Slug rapping candidly about his relationships, maturity, mortality and more. Slug joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about the new album, how he got into the Hip Hop culture, and what informs his lyricism these days.

Lastly, DJ Charlie, concludes the show with an awesome mix!. Tune in!

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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08 / 18 / 14
How to report police misconduct
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We Charge Genocide’s and Black Youth Project’s Jasson Perez joined Morning Amp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to talk about police brutality and how to properly document and report instances of police misconduct. We Charge Genocide is hosting a training session and recording and reporting police misconduct on August 21st at Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and police brutality can be reported at https://reportencounter.wechargegenocide.org/

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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08 / 18 / 14
Jamie Golden shares first-hand stories from Ferguson, MO.
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08 / 15 / 14
Reclaimed Soul: Blues + Soul in Chicago, The 4 Brothers Story
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Chicago is known worldwide for its electrified Delta Blues. Chicago’s also known for its sweet Soul Music. And during the 1960s, those musical traditions combined at a tiny record label based at a famous West Side Chicago record shop. This week, Reclaimed Soul’s Ayana Contreras shares hip, soul-flavored blues from the Four Brothers label. Plus we hear soulful blues from all corners of the city.

For fresh episodes of Reclaimed Soul, listen in Thursdays at 8pm CST on vocalo.org, or tune in to 89.5fm (NW Indy) and 90.7fm (CHI)

Source: SoundCloud / vocalo

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08 / 15 / 14
Hello, I was wondering what is the best way to submit music to be considered for musicvox. I have searched high and low and I can't seem to find a submission form or anything, and it's possible it's right in front of my face and I just can't see it. If you could let me know as soon as you get a chance that would be great! Thanks -Elle

Hi Elle:

Visit http://vocalo.org/about .

There you can find a link to our dropbox for submissions, plus the answers to lots of other frequently asked questions.

Thanks for listening!

08 / 15 / 14
Barber Shop Show 177: Leveling the Playing Field
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According to Angela Caputo’s recent cover story for the Chicago Reporter, “More than half of the $500 million dollars spent on Chicago Park District improvements since 2011 went to just 10 of the city’s 77 neighborhoods. And seven of those 10 neighborhoods are increasingly white, affluent and have access to outside money.”

Angela Caputo, investigative journalist at the Chicago Reporter, joined Richard at the shop this week. They were also joined by:
• Helen Juarez of the Kelly Park Advisory Council.
• Cassandra Francis of the organization Friends of the Parks.

Later in the program, Angela and Richard were joined WBEZ’s West Side Bureau reporter Chip Mitchell. Recently, Chip has been following the questions of Police Misconduct surrounding Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans. Angela has been covering this story for The Chicago Reporter as well. She’s also reported on the larger story of police misconduct in the Chicago Police Department and the Independent Police Review Authority.

The Barber Shop Show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at Noon on 90.7FM and 89.5FM. You can also stream live at vocalo.org. The show also broadcasts on Sundays at 3pm on WBEZ.

Source: SoundCloud / Vocalo's Barber Shop Show

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