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Matt Muse’s New EP Is “Chicago Decent”

Written by on September 26, 2023

Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Matt Muse seamlessly blends the sounds of the city with elements of jazz, R&B, hip-hop and soul. He stopped by the Vocalo studios to discuss his Sep. 19 EP So Far, So Decent, the fourth annual Love & Nappyness haircare drive and more. 

The title of Matt Muse’s EP, So Far, So Decent, is a reflection of his current creative space. The artist describes his album as “Chicago decent,” noting the city’s impact on his music and the sound he embodies.

“It sounds great,” he expressed. “It sounds exactly like the creative space and mode that I’ve been in, which is one of doing exactly what I love and really focusing on the type of music I want to make … and telling my truth as bluntly and directly as possible.”

Though Muse’s sound has evolved since his 2018 debut album Nappy Talk, he’s always stayed true to his artistic vision of presenting himself truthfully. Emerging on So Far, So Decent with a deeply rooted confidence in his writing, he expresses hopes for his listeners to receive him where he’s at, with no filter. “Him Freestyle,” a standout track from So Far, So Decent, is his personal proclamation of who he is.

“‘Him Freestyle’ is me speaking in the confidence that I’m moving in,” Muse said. “I think it’s proclaiming that my confidence comes from inside of me.”

After the Sep. 19 release of his five-song EP So Far, So Decent, Chicago’s Matt Muse stopped by the Vocalo studios to discuss the record with mornings host Bekoe. Rakim Winfert for Vocalo Radio.

Muse’s thought-provoking lyricism is also reflective of his work as an activist. Inspired by his own journey toward confidence and self-love, he founded haircare drive Love & Nappyness in 2019, named after his EP the same year. Every winter the drive collects sealed and unused natural hair care, skincare and personal hygiene products, benefited by the “Long Hair, Don’t Care” show featuring a lineup of Chicago artists like Senite and tobi lou. Muse said 2023’s show and drive date are set to be announced soon.

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After the release of So Far, So Decent, Muse stopped by the Vocalo studios to sit down with morning host Bekoe and discuss the five-song EP. They also talked about the origins of the Love & Nappyness drive, his collaboration with Nike, working with fellow Chicago artists and a new album in the works — which, as the name of his EP alludes, is “so far, so decent.”

Keep up with Matt Muse and Love & Nappyness on Instagram, and listen to more of his music on Spotify below.

Interview and audio production by Bekoe

Photography by Rakim Winfert for Vocalo

Written introduction by Blake Hall and Morgan Ciocca

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