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This Is What Chicago Sounds Like

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Paige Taul is an experimental filmmaker that makes work that is for and about Black people and identity.

Anjal Chande is the founder of Soham Dance Space. This is what her Chicago sounds like.

Chicago sounds like Amber Marsh, who shares her puppetry worlds at Jabberwocky Marionettes.

Poet, playwright and performer Kimberly Dixon-Mays writes stories about psychic survival.

Dancer, teacher and energy worker Djedi Ohm finds divine healing through dance.

Naydja Bruton teaches young musicians about communication and feeling.

“It’s not only looking back at where we were. It’s also here and now, and where we’re going in the future.”

The repairs manager at non-profit Working Bikes is passing on her knowledge to Chicago cyclists.

Chicago Sounds Like Diana Quiñones Rivera….

Beatrice Scescke promotes reconnection with nature at the Chicago Rewilding Society…