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“I feel a lot of really good energy and possibility in Chicago that I don’t see in other places…”

“I want to give back to my community a space for Latina mothers to feel surrounded by their sisters and family”

“We all have the right to be here because we are all the same.”

“I would like to provide peace of mind that you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to become your best self”

As Executive Director of Common Ground Foundation, Leslie works to support young folks through art, social impact, leadership and education…

Lina Fritz provides identity affirming, culturally relevant coaching and guidance to young students in Chicago.

As a prevention educator, Maggie Arthur believes in the importance of validating the experiences of young people…

Jamila Parham created The Tech Unicorn as a way to create space for diverse voices working in tech and beyond…

The educator, scholar and activist talks euphoria, hip hop and imagining change…

Affinity Community Services Exec. Director talks Chicago dogs, falling in love, and working to be more thoughtful about intersectionality…