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Movies To Watch From Home While You Work From Home

Written by on March 13, 2020


With an abundance of films on streaming services now there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained at home without having to venture out to the theater …

Vocalo film critic Reggie “The Reel Critic” Ponder breaks down the best films to watch while taking time off from going out … With options from every streaming service there’s sure to be a choice for everyone.



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The Irishman: It’s long. But if you are cooped up with the family for the next two weeks, you have three and a half hours to spare … watch this movie.  

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The Shawshank Redemption: This is one of those movies that I watch every every time it comes on.

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Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark: Start with Raiders, the 1981 original directed by Steven Spielberg is about as good as it gets. While you’re at it, work through the whole series, even the less than prime “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is fun if purely for the nostalgia.

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Philadelphia: This is an older movie, and a lot of folks didn’t see it. I think that this will be a fantastic movie for people to go watch, because it really talks about some stuff that’s so relevant, even today. 

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Spenser Confidential: It has Mark Wahlberg and Bokeem Woodbine. It also stars Winston Duke who played M’Baku on Black Panther. This is a funny movie, it’s an interesting movie and it’s absolutely right for a streaming movie. Wahlberg plays a former police officer who uncovers a conspiracy. He works along with Alan Arkin and Winston Duke to get the bag guys. So you got some violence. You got some drug dealers. You got some shooting. You got some fighting. You got some laughs. I think that makes for a nice movie to watch from a streaming perspective.


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Star Wars:  Especially if you’ve got your kids at home, who may not have seen the Indiana Jones movies or the Star Wars movies, this is a saga to binge as a family and really bond over. Now, I do not like Jar Jar Binks, but it is what it is. 


The Banker: Starring Samuel L Jackson and Anthony Mackie this examination of racism in 1950s America is a home run for Apple’s first original film. Watch for a fascinating and inspiring story that still resonates today, and the combination of Jackson and Mackie which is pure electricity.

Edited for length and clarity by Seamus Doheny

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