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This week’s Council of Feminist Thought features Coya Paz, an associate professor at The Theatre School at DePaul University and Melissa DuPrey, a jack of all trades performer for Free Street Theater. The Council discusses Terry Crew’s controversial tweets and the gender divide of making jokes in the workplace.

Vocalo’s Senior Hip Hop Correspondent, Gabe Mendoza, joined Jill Hopkins on The Morning AMp to discuss and rate 2 Chainz new album, “Rap or Go to the League.”

Reggie Ponder is The Morning AMp’s Senior Film Correspondent and is in studio this week to discuss which movies were winners at last weekend’s box office, and which new releases are worth leaving the house for.

Maria Bamford, a comedian and mental health advocate, talked with Jill Hopkin’s about her upcoming shows at the Den Theater. Bamfort is known for her work on Arrested Development, Lady Dynamite, Bojak Horseman and Adventure Time.

The EP finds the “Latin Soul” singer and songwriter in search of a sanctuary as he addresses pain and trauma of the past and re-examines his beliefs.

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