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Chicago DJs share unspoken roles as curators and selectors, indispensable on a city-wide scale. These are the five DJs from Chicago you need to know.

Chicago Rock and Soul singer breaks through the walls of stereotypes and societal constraints on new Single.

The Chicago duo’s new EP “PRESSURE” is their gift to everyone going through difficult times and situations.

On this Week’s #Hashtag with Curtis Shaw Flagg, Curtis and Jill Hopkins talk about the new Follow limits that twitter has set up, Lyft going public as a ‘Unicorn’ company on the stock market, and the new Bitmoji games that Snapchat is releasing. This week Twitter has, well, tweeted, to announce that they will be […]

The co-founder of Very Smart Brothas reflect on the angst and the absurdities of life as a Black man in modern-day America.

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