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Hand-selected cuts by Domingos en Vocalo, a borderless journey to discover the freshest music from the Latin contemporary and indie music scenes.

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Searching for new music flying just under the radar? You’ve come to the right place. You might not know these artists yet – but you’ll want to. Resume – Chris Dashon Something More – Grace Blackford Say Less – Jay Renee’ Groovn – Hippy Nem Sei (nanana) – O Cerne Me and You – Orayvia […]

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Francisca Valenzuela—cantautora chilena, activista y fundadora del festival y plataforma Ruidosa Fest—nos lleva a explorar su último álbum La fortaleza (2020, Sony Music). Además, Francisca nos comparte sus reflexiones sobre cómo se ha transformado la conectividad durante la pandemia, el presente de las artes, y la oportunidad que existe para transformar los escenarios en estos tiempos.

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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble breaks norms with their strong collective sound.