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Spread Love Through Music This Valentine’s Day

Written by on February 14, 2022

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other, your besties or chilling at home, Vocalo’s digital team has got you covered with a collection of romantic recordings.

We asked some members of Team Vocalo what songs would be on the soundtrack to their perfect Valentine’s Day. No matter if your plans include going out for a nice dinner or spending a romantic evening at home, these tracks are guaranteed to put some love in the air. You can find all these songs and more on the playlist below!

Bootsy Collins – “I’d Rather Be With You” (1976)

The most groovalistic entry on this list; Bootsy graced the world with this track in 1976 on his album Stretchin’ Out With Bootsy’s Rubber Band. There’s a whole slew of groovy love songs on the album, but none of them kick like this one. Bootsy glides all over the track with smooth lyrics and P-Funk style vocal riffs in between. The drums are snug in the pocket and the slick filtered guitars dance perfectly with Bootsy’s fat, percussive bass tone.

– George Chiligiris

Amber Mark – “Bliss” (2022)

I’ve been so obsessed with Three Dimensions Deep since it came out, I had to choose Amber Mark’s “Bliss.” Centering on the real love she found unexpectedly, “Bliss” is ecstatic and triumphant. It makes you want to sing from the rooftops and dance around your apartment. It’s bliss.

– Morgan Ciocca

Muni Long – “Hrs and Hrs” (2021)

Recently, I was thinking about the state of R&B, and how I longed for the music that celebrated and appreciated love. When I heard Hrs & Hrs by Muni Long, I was instantly drawn to the song.  Not only is her voice beautiful, but I felt the love in every word she sung. It’s a grown and sexy, timeless record, and a breath of fresh air. This is why Hrs & Hrs is my favorite Valentine’s Day song and hopefully it turns into yours.


Teyana Taylor – “Gonna Love Me” (2018)

This Valentine’s Day I will be blasting Teyana Taylor’s top single “Gonna Love Me” from 2018. Her mellifluous voice over the soulful Delfonics sample will sure make you want to buy or receive a handful of flowers from a special someone, or yourself. Make Teyana proud and don’t forget that you can always get flowers for yourself!

– Milo Keranen

Introduction written by George Chiligiris.

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