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Bekoe’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Tracks For September 2023

Written by on September 13, 2023

Bekoe breaks down five tracks from this month’s “In Rotation” adds.

Learn more about these five standout Chicago artists added to Vocalo’s on-air rotation for September …

D2x – “Waves & Moonlights”

Chicago’s lyrical maestro D2x is back in the spotlight, and his latest album, Hotel 1105, brings forth a captivating gem in the form of the track “Waves & Moonlights.” With a blend of sound ingredients that are tailor-made for dancing, cruising or elevating your party-related festivities, this song is a musical masterpiece that will set the vibe just right. D2x’s ingenious use of Tito’s 1970s classical record “Georgy Porgy” in his remake is nothing short of a sonic revelation that seamlessly complements the past sample. Be sure to tune in and let “Waves & Moonlights” wash over you as it graces our airwaves.

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Carter J – “Geneva”

In the bustling streets of Chicago’s South Side, Carter J emerges and his latest release echoes a timeless truth about love and its challenging journey. In this soulful single, Carter J delves deep into his own love experiences, unraveling the profound ways in which love, over time, can transform us — be it in our mental landscapes or the very essence of our being. This heartfelt song resonates with the wisdom that love is a powerful force, capable of shaping our lives in profound ways.

Papi Jamon – “Frank Lucas’ coat”

For those who remember the iconic fur coat worn by Frank Lucas in the gripping movie American Gangster, starring the illustrious Denzel Washington, you’ll find that Chicago’s very own Papi Jamon has crafted a compelling narrative of his own in his latest single “Frank Lucas’ coat.” This record is a captivating tale in its own right, and it’s set to be a standout track on his upcoming EP, titled Tre’s Revenge. Much like the legendary tale of Frank Lucas, Papi Jamon’s music is set to immerse you in a street-savvy world, offering a fresh perspective and an authentic glimpse into the grit and glamor of life. Tap in below and check out Papi Jamon’s uncharted storytelling skills.

Ine’a J – “Wait 4 U”

Ine’a J, the enchanting singer-songwriter hailing from Chicago, has returned with a poignant new release that reminds us all that patience is the key to love’s enduring magic. In her latest single, Ine’a J beautifully narrates the universal journey of young lovers, urging them to embrace the unhurried, profound depths of love rather than rush toward the epitome of romance. This soulful composition serves as a musical testament to the wisdom of waiting for love to blossom organically. Be sure to listen to her latest single below and catch it live playing in our rotation.

ASXA – “SS4”

In 2022, the Chicago musical visionary ASXA made waves with the release of her single “Paradise.” Now, she’s back with another electrifying offering, “SS4,” produced by the talented iprdcwndrs. This new track is an exhilarating and uptempo masterpiece that beautifully showcases ASXA’s dynamic vocals and unique essence. With “SS4,” ASXA continues to push the boundaries of musical innovation, delivering a captivating sonic experience that leaves listeners spellbound. It’s a testament to her artistry and creativity, reaffirming her position as a rising star in the music industry.

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Written by Bekoe

Introduction written by Morgan Ciocca

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