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Bekoe’s Top 5 Poised To Break Through Picks: October 2021

Written by on October 20, 2021

Pictured above: PJ Lucid in music video for “Starters,” via YouTube.

Bekoe is back with five hot new tracks to liven up your week.

Mornings host Bekoe shares his thoughts on five songs from October’s Poised To Break Through playlist, a collection of fresh artists flying just under the radar. This playlist is updated monthly with brand new music, so be sure to stay up to date on new music drops by adding it to your Spotify libraries.

J. Arthur via Instagram.

Ezy, Simon Dufour & Aaron Day – “These Days

“These Days” you have to not take things for granted and enjoy the fruits of your labor, and producers Aaron Day and Simon Dufour link with Washington, D.C. emcee Ezy for a tale regarding how to defeat depression.

J. Arthur – “Bones

Chicago Filipino hip-hop soul artist J. Arthur put together a sentimental piece of audio art for his significant other, who’s ready to commit and settle down. His single, “Bones,” is about a little T.L.C. and relaxation — or, simply put, a baecation. You can also catch this record on his latest project, 1.5, which displays a wide range of genres ranging from hip-hop, funk, soul and nu-metal.

Zane Jordan – “Vindictive

“Revenge is sweet, but so is sugar” — and this Australian artist tells his side of a bittersweet situationship, in which both companions know it’s toxic, but don’t want to leave each other’s poisonous ways.

PJ Lucid – “Starters

California native PJ Lucid, who was originally born in Georgia before traveling to the West coast, adjusts his crown and delivers some prominent lyricism to remind everyone who the true starters are in his latest offering. 

Maren Davidsen – “Damage Done” (feat. Tudor Monroe)

Norwegian singer-songwriter Maren Davidsen delivers a soulful R&B tune that has an added electronic pop to it. “Damage Done” has box-office hit written all over it. I can definitely see this song being featured in “50 Shades Of Grey, Part 3” (if they ever decide to make another installment).

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