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August’s Top 5 Poised To Break Through Tracks

Written by on August 20, 2021

Our Poised to Break Through artists are on their way to “break through” the norm — and onto your playlists.

Digital media producer Morgan Ciocca shares with us her top 5 Poised to Break Through tracks for August. See what she had to say below, and make sure to save Poised to Break Through to your Spotify libraries to stay up-to-date with our monthly refresh.

Pictured above: Deanna Devore via FourCulture

Lola Ladae’ via Facebook

Deanna Devore – “Need to Know” (feat. D. Lylez)

Chicago-based Deanna Devore highlights her collaboration and production skills on her second track with vocalist D. Lylez, “Need To Know.” Sparkling instrumentals swirl behind Lylez’s rich vocal tones, the ideal combination for a smooth summer anthem. Think driving down Lake Shore Drive at sunset with the windows down on a warm night, volume up and the wind blowing through your hair.

Zenaye Skosana – “always” (feat. Feziekk)

The beat on this track is what first drew me to Zenaye Skosana. Paired with vocalist and producer Feziekk, the lyrics give insight into a relationship failing from two different perspectives. “It’s always what you want, but never what I need … It’s always about you, never about me,” Skosana laments in the track’s chorus throughout the song. “You and I don’t belong together, wish it was forever,” responds Feziekk.

Lola Ladae’ – “In The Kitchen”

This song was too much fun not to include. Lola Ladae’ clearly finds a lot of joy in making music, and it shines through in this song. With gorgeous harmonies, an infectious beat and cooking-based metaphors teaching life lessons of self-love and patience, this track is a hit in the making. Was it intended that this is the perfect song to put on while you’re cooking?

Yona Marie – “Take Me To The Moon”

Yona Marie shoots for the stars with “Take Me To The Moon.” Taking notes from ’90s and early ’00s pop-R&B, the track’s intricate harmonies and dance-worthy beat make it a staple for summer nights in the city.

Majesty – “female robin”

This track is so much fun, I could listen to it all the time. Majesty’s “female robin” reminds me of elementary school style crushes, full of childlike giddiness and blushing and passing notes that say things along the lines of, “Do you like-like me? Check yes or no!” It illustrates how love is supposed to be fun, doesn’t have to be all that serious — at least, not all the time. Definitely a song for laughing with some friends, singing along on a sunny day.

Stream Poised to Break Through below …

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