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Bekoe’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Tracks For March 2023

Written by on March 17, 2023

Our March “In Rotation” refresh has arrived — and Bekoe is here to bring you some of his favorite tracks.

Get familiar with the artists and songs we’ll be spinning into the springtime with Bekoe’s top five favorite songs added to Vocalo’s on-air rotation for March.

Ebony Loren – “Tongue Tied

Suppose you’re looking for a sweet soft pop song that has a throwback feel… originally from Milwaukee, Chicago singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Ebony Loren has precisely what you’ve been looking for. Her latest single “Tongue Tied” has a cheerful guitar riff, mixed with some bright percussion, and topping things off, Loren’s angelic vocals and tune will leave you tongue-tied. Check it out below and tune in live to catch playing in our rotation.

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Rich Robbins – “Woke Up In A Melody”

After releasing his EP Soft and Tender, Chicago lyricist, educator and producer Rich Robbins lands in our rotation for a melodic single I’m sure will awaken your sound buds. The production on “Woke Up In Melody” starts off mellow and then transitions into a colorful upbeat tone.

SHERIE & D Smoke – “Candlelight”

There’s nothing more beautiful than having music connect you with the love of your life. In this instance, two musically inclined artists, SHERIE and her husband D Smoke, sparked the perfect match for their debut single together, titled “Candlelight.” The record was produced by both SHERIE and D Smoke, and their song highlights the significant moment candles create when a mood is set.

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Asha Omega – “surprise”

Illinoian goddess Asha Omega delivered her latest five-track EP titled ALKHEMY, and on it you’ll find a record titled “surprise,” a vibrant song that focuses on being caught off-guard but knowing how to weigh the bad with the good. Asha’s boastful tone, way with words and fluid flow is refreshing and needed.

Cam Be & Neak – “Tonight” (feat. THISISSHEBA, Boi Jeanius)

Chicago-based hip-hop MC and producer Neak and film director, photographer, musician, DJ and music producer Cam Be connect for a trouble-free record titled “Tonight.” Their latest release focuses on sharing love in a more intimate fashion, even if birthday suits are revealed. From hip-hop to R&B, as you listen you’ll be engulfed in nostalgic feels and good vibes. You can also find this single on their upcoming album and film project “A film called Black,” set to release this month.

Listen to our full “In Rotation” playlist on Spotify below!

Written by Bekoe

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