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Bekoe’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Tracks For June 2023

Written by on June 8, 2023

Bekoe is back with five highlights from June’s on-air rotation refresh …

Check out what Bekoe had to say about a few of June’s “In Rotation” tracks.

Jovan Landry – “New Beginning”

Jovan Landry’s “New Beginning” is a positive and uplifting song that encourages listeners to embrace change and growth. The song’s lyrics emphasize the idea of shedding old habits and choosing to chase new dreams, a message many people can relate to. The upbeat tempo and catchy melody also make it a fun and enjoyable listen.

Elijah LeFlore – “No One” (feat. Galaxy Francis)

Two of Chicago’s emerging artists connect for a smooth and soulful vibe, with LeFlore’s vocals blending seamlessly with Francis’s. They explore the theme of the emotional weight and connection he feels for his significant other. The production features a mix of live instrumentation based on elements of the ‘80s and ‘90s R&B era, creating a unique sonic landscape that perfectly complements their vocals. “No One” is a powerful and moving R&B song that showcases the talents of both LeFlore and Francis. The lyrics are deeply emotive, and the music provides a rich and immersive listening experience.

Amar Miller – “High 21”

“High 21” by Amar Miller is a track that showcases his unique style and musicality. The song incorporates a blend of genres, combining elements of hip-hop and R&B, resulting in a fresh and contemporary sound. Lyrically, “High 21” delves into personal experiences, emotions and social commentary. Amar Miller’s songwriting exhibits depth and thoughtfulness, with clever wordplay and vivid storytelling. The production demonstrates attention to detail that leaves a compelling and enhanced listen.

Bri Miller – “Blame Game”

Hailing from Fenton, Michigan, and collecting her degree at Columbia College located right here in Chicago, Bri Miller unloads her second single “Blame Game,” an engaging and emotionally-charged song. Combining elements of pop and R&B, it’s both catchy and introspective. Bri stated her latest release is a story about a woman gaining her power back, and I don’t blame her. Currently, her debut album is set to release this summer and you can expect euphonious vocals and harmonies.

th0rn – “angel dust”

Chicago’s own th0rn delivers a captivating and atmospheric track known as “angel dust.” The song combines elements of electronic music, alternative and pop, resulting in a mesmerizing and ethereal sound. As you listen, the composition is intricately layered, featuring a combination of lush synthesizers, tropic sounds and pulsating beats. The overall arrangement creates a sense of worldliness, transporting the audience into an enchanting sonic landscape, adding depth and dimension to th0rn’s sonic vision. th0rn’s vocals on “angel dust” are simply mesmerizing. Their delivery is both delicate and powerful, capturing the mood and atmosphere of the track with precision. Take in a sonic high below and make sure to catch this record floating within our rotation.

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Written by Bekoe

Introduction written by Morgan Ciocca

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