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Bekoe’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Tracks For January 2023

Written by on January 12, 2023

Pictured above: Saneit

Get to know the first “In Rotation” artists of 2023…

Read below to learn more about five of Bekoe’s favorite “In Rotation” artists for January!

Bimi – “For Real

Afrobeat is a sound that brings a certain type of happiness your way, and Chicago singer/songwriter Bimi likes to infuse both Afrobeats and pop: Afro-pop. As always, Bimi never fails when she’s set to release new music, and her single “For Real” starts off the new year with a bang. It’s an infused single that caters to love even in uncharted territory.

D2x – “Understand”

After releasing his project The Color Blue and taking time off to allow his project to marinate, Chicago artist D2x returns with a brand new single to cap off 2022. His latest song, titled “Understand,” shows growth and maturity. D2x’s single proves he hasn’t lost a step within producing quality music. This single has a pure hip-hop feel from production to lyricism, and it bridges the gap between old and new. There’s still a lot to learn about D2x, but trust and understand he’s here to stay.

Saneit – “Nothing Like Them”

Chicago based singer/songwriter Saneit returns to our rotation with a silky single that showcases her vocal capabilities, ranging between melodies, riffs and high notes. Saneit’s latest release is the perfect rendition of who she is on a personal and intimate level, as well as who she is on a musical level.

callmejimmee – “imperfect”

The versatile sounds coming from Jimmee is always a pleasurable listening experience. Starting the year off with an album that features 10 tracks, titled Oh Me Oh My (an EPilogue), his new single “imperfect” has the perfect balance of tones and rhythms. Its enlightening tempo also carries a bright sense of feeling. Jimmee’s second studio album is out now, and you can catch his single “imperfect” playing in our rotation.

Ine’a J – “SFYL”

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ine’a J unloads a six-track EP titled Planet J. Her single “SFYL,” also known as “Sorry For Your Loss,” expresses heartbreak from a toxic relationship, which I’m sure many of us can connect with. Listen below as Ine’a J apologizes for not leaving sooner.

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Written by Bekoe

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