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Bekoe’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Tracks For August 2023

Written by on August 16, 2023

Pictured above: Caleb Taylor, photo courtesy of the artist.

August’s “In Rotation” picks are here — and Vocalo mornings host Bekoe has the breakdown of five featured tracks you need to know.

Check out what Bekoe had to say about his top five tracks spinning on our airwaves this month.

Ano Bank$ – “Bend On Me”

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Chicago’s Low-End, emerging artist Ano Bank$ embodies a unique blend of talents as a rapper, singer and skilled barber, creating a captivating sonic experience. His most recent release, “Bend On Me,” delves into the realm of romance. In a world where time is an invaluable currency, this track beautifully encapsulates the significance of cherishing meaningful moments spent with your loved one.

Kiéla Adira – “Make a Way”

In her latest single, “Make a Way,” singer-songwriter Kiéla Adira radiates an inspiring message of positivity and resilience. Rather than shying away from life’s transformations, Adira adeptly advocates for embracing the ebb and flow of everyday changes, even in the face of missteps. The song resonates with an upbeat rhythm that seems to invite you to dance in pure elation, enriched with an irresistible touch of Chicago’s juke music tone. As you immerse yourself in the sounds of “Make a Way,” you’ll find yourself enveloped in the spirit of cultivating progress and commemorating the unpredictable voyage that life undertakes.

J. Arthur & Wes Restless – “EZ2LUV”

J. Arthur, a prominent figure from Chicago’s esteemed hip-hop duo theWHOevers, makes a compelling return, this time joining forces with accomplished Chicago producer and vocalist Wes Restless. Together, they present a collaborative masterpiece titled “EZ2LUV.” This project exudes an inherent synergy, seamlessly weaving their individual talents into a harmonious whole. The result is an immersive journey through soulful melodies and engaging rhythms that effortlessly capture the essence of a sun-soaked summer. As you indulge in the music, you’ll find yourself indulging in a captivating riff, embodying the very spirit of “EZ2LUV.”

Caleb Taylor – “Love Is A Thang That, Pt. II”

Caleb Taylor, a versatile artist hailing from Chicago, has become a familiar presence on our platform. With a genuine passion for crafting music, he consistently showcases his creative expressions on a grand scale, resonating with global audiences. His most recent offering, “Love Is A Thang That, Pt. II,” stands out not only due to its distinctive title but also for its ability to encapsulate a dynamically evolving sonic landscape. Through this musical journey, Taylor’s ethereal vocals serve as a conduit, delicately conveying and embodying the essence of love.

Highest Low & Maker – “Here I Am”

Renowned Chicago rap duo Highest Low makes an impactful comeback with their latest offering, “Here I Am,” a standout track from their freshly released album Noir, a collaborative masterpiece entirely crafted by the skilled hands of producer Maker. “Here I Am” is a compelling auditory journey that encapsulates a sense of adventure from its very inception to its resounding conclusion. Through its dynamic composition, the song becomes a mirror reflecting upon personal confidence and the milestones achieved along life’s intricate path, evoking a sensation of standing tall and introspectively revisiting the authentic upbringing that shaped them.

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Written by Bekoe

Introduction written by Morgan Ciocca

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