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Bekoe’s Top 5 “In Rotation” Tracks For April 2023

Written by on April 13, 2023

Hear what Vocalo morning host Bekoe had to say about five standout tracks added to our on-air rotation this month…

Read below to get in tune with Bekoe’s five favorite featured tracks from this month, all by artists out of Chicago. Make sure to tune in to 91.1 FM or use the Vocalo app to hear the rest of this month’s “In Rotation” adds!

Femdot – “Pelle Pelle” (produced by Sango)

Chicago lyricist femdot. returns with new music, and this specific piece takes us down memory lane of the Pelle Pelle era, a fashionable winter coat that made a fashion statement within the urban community.

Jennifair – “The Humming Song

Singer, songwriter and composer Jennifair is back on our airwaves with her latest release “The Humming Song,” a velvety composition infused with soul and ear-gasmic vocals. Jennifair’s latest release is certainly something you can sing along with, or even hum to. Check it out below, and tune in to catch it live in our rotation.

Junius Bervine & Nick. – “Tell It”

It’s always great seeing legends connect with the next music generation, and legendary producer Junius Bervine aka June collaborated with Chicago emerging artist Nick for a memorable record. As you listen Nick tells it all over a hip-hop bop curated by none other than June.

Achillez – “Unspoken Agreement” (feat. Kai Akili)

Achilliez and Kai Akili came together with an in-depth single titled “Unspoken Agreement.” It’s a soulful R&B record that casts an upbeat mood primarily focusing on accountability, and from the vocals to the instrumental, you’re in for a treat.

Manasseh – I’ll Be (G1 Rescue Mix)

Chicago’s diverse music scene is filled with eclectic sounds and Manasseh is no stranger to Chicago’s musical gumbo recipe. Previous to landing in this month’s rotation Manasseh was also a featured performer for MCA artists’ spotlights which also included a stop to Vocalo for a live performance in studio 10. His single I’ll Be (G1 Rescue Mix) is a variation of different versions he recently released on his project Variations V1: I’ll Be. This installment shows just how patient and passionate an artist has to be when it comes to the recording process.

Listen to our past “In Rotation” selections on Spotify below!

By Bekoe

Introduction written by Morgan Ciocca

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