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Tmuny Makes Music For The “Trap Princess”

Written by on September 30, 2020

Twenty-one-year-old actress, model and R&B singer Tmuny embodies the modern multi-hyphenate artist. 

Constantly moving and creating, she finally caught her breath and found a work-life balance when the pandemic slowed the whole world down. Her Aug. 18 single, “Dusse,” made its way onto our “Poised to Break Through” playlist this month.

You’ve described your musical style as “trap princess music” which we love, tell us more about your style as an artist …. 

I feel like my style is ever-evolving. I’m 21, my world is constantly changing. I’m experiencing new journeys every day and constantly learning, growing and shifting my perspective, let alone my emotions. So with every journey I just want to capture my soul in my most honest way possible – I do this with everything I work on. “Trap Princess Music” is a mixture of rap and heavy 808’s, but layered with pretty melodies and harmonies. Sort of like the sound of my personality.

Chicago is an important part of your identity as an artist. What part of Chicago are you from? How growing up in Chicago influenced your sound? 

So important. This city taught me all I know. I was constantly moving throughout the city as a kid, so it really helped me adapt to new people and environments pretty well. I grew up mainly on the West Side of Chicago. All the house parties growing up were hella lit, like mad combinations of bachata, merengue, trap, hip-hop. Especially can’t forget old-school classics! They were always in rotation. And, of course, you know, Chicagoans just have a natural realness to them so I was always surrounded by people who had FLAVAAAA!  Everyone I encountered throughout my life has always had an eccentric character to them and honestly pushed me to feel confident in my quirkiness and unique style. I think that shows in my music – I don’t sound like anyone and I take pride in that.

How have all the events of 2020 impacted your creative process or your drive to create? Have they changed your approach at all? 


To be honest, it was hard initially in the beginning of quarantine for me. I had a lot of unsettled emotions that I had to make peace with, and once I had that solitude like everyone else I learned so much about myself and what I wanted to represent. What my values were, where my heart is in this industry and my plans to make sure I stay true to myself. I write a lot naturally, but as far as music I had to take a break. Oftentimes my life would move so fast I felt like I really wasn’t prioritizing myself as much as I should. I wasn’t living, if that makes sense. I had prioritized my career and my next big projects so much that I really didn’t have time for friends, family or even a love life. So when it came to being in the studio I would sit there and be mad confused. I wasn’t inspired, until I was again. I’m happy to say I found my balance in those parts of my life. I’m so happy and so grateful.

The music we listen to at a young age is so fundamental to us, in ways we don’t even realize sometimes. What music did you grow up on? 

I feel this 1,000 percent! You would hear either Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Tweet, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Ye, Common, Jay-Z and of course Queen Bey bumpin’ for sure. Fun fact: I would deadass memorize the music video choreo to every Ciara song. Oh! Mariah Carey was the mother for sure. She’s also an Aries, so it makes perfect sense why she is my spiritual diva mother.

You have a very multifaceted and busy career as a professional model, actress and R&B singer. How do these creative pursuits overlap and inform each other? 

First off, thank you! It’s a beautiful thing, honestly. I am so blessed and grateful to have gotten the opportunities so far in my career to show people through my talents what I’m capable of. I work hard to establish and maintain genuine relationships with honest artists. Of course, real knows real, so it’s a constant ecosystem of blessing one another ten-fold. All three fields I work in tie into one another at some point. I started out through modeling because I always knew music was going to be my driving force, but I wanted to have a bit of recognition in my community. So I would try to have shoots booked as much as I could – if someone needed me, I was there. Next thing I knew I was networking with all the right people that I would eventually work with musically, while simultaneously setting aside time to go on auditions for short films or TV. I had always found acting to be so magical. I thought it was so cool to pretend to be different characters, live a different life, whereas modeling is quite the same. “The look” oftentimes tells a story, and as a model it’s your duty to tell the story the best way you can.

What other multi-hyphenate creatives are you influenced or inspired by?

I’m a RiRi stan till death. Like, what a woman! I’m inspired by her mind. You can tell she’s so compassionate about all her projects and truly wants to make the world a better place. She also doesn’t give a single fuck but is also mad graceful? Like, make that make sense. She’s a mogul in every field she steps foot in and I strive to do the same.

What’s up next for Tmuny?

What is up next for T$? Well, definitely expect some fire shoots coming your way in honor of spooky season for sure. I will be collabing with some Chicago photographers I have yet to work with so ya girl is excited, to say the least. Y’all can definitely count on something special for the anniversary of my debut EP, “T$,” this upcoming November. And, as always, big things.

Tmuny shared with us a playlist of songs important to her…stream it now below!

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Interview edited for length and clarity by Morgan Ciocca

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