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The Third’s Been Calling For Backup To Cope With This World

Written by on November 8, 2021

On single “FULLY REALIZED,” Chicago-based rapper and poet The Third illuminates the reason why “calling for backup” is crucial when it comes to mental health.

The Third released the music video for single “FULLY REALIZED,” featuring Brittney Carter, on Nov. 6, exploring ideas and misconceptions of invincibility in regard to mental health — and the importance of asking for help.

Directed by The Third, the video opens with his conversation with a friend on a Chicago rooftop, discussing recent hardships and finding inspiration to push through.

“It’s ok for me not to be ok,” wrote The Third in the music video’s description. “My natural coping mechanism is isolation, but I’ve been calling for backup, imma be better real soon.”

With the Chicago skyline in the background, The Third sports a pair of blue coveralls and raps about his mental health since becoming increasingly involved in the music industry; “To avoid feelings he’s been filling voids,” he raps. “Stressing about who he finna be.”

“FULLY REALIZED” is as much about mental health struggles as it is about knowing when to reach out to others. Although it may seem like someone is doing great externally — whether it be in their career or otherwise — they could be silently struggling with mental health issues. By actively pursuing conversations about mental health and prioritizing emotional well being, mental health issues become less stigmatized and knowledge on how to cope with them becomes more accessible. 

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By Milo Keranen

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