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The Reel Critic reviews Elegance Bratton’s ‘The Inspection’

Written by on November 18, 2022

On this week’s episode of “The Reel Critic,” Reggie Ponder dives into the beautiful and heartbreaking world of ‘The Inspection.’

A24 film The Inspection follows the real life experience of director and writer Elegance Bratton as he navigates life as a gay, Black man. 

After being rejected by his mother because of his sexuality, Ellis French, played by Jeremy Pope is cast out of his home. When he finds himself homeless and destitute, he turns to the Marines as a last resort.

The Inspection follows French as he faces the struggles and stereotypes of a system built to put him down. However, it also shines light on unexpected moments of strength and camaraderie as audiences watch as French finds support in seemingly strange places.

Based on Bratton’s experiences, the film provides an intimate look into the director’s personal story. Audiences are given a window into the real human beings, emotions and experiences behind the film. It’s heartbreaking and vulnerable, giving way to a poignant and deeply moving viewing experience.

Hear Reggie Ponder’s thoughts on The Inspection, which was released on Nov. 22 and can be seen in theaters now, as well as his discussion with Elegance Bratton.

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