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Tatiana Hazel Leaves Us Star-Struck With Her New EP “DUALITY”

Written by on June 29, 2020


The Chicago native returns with her second EP, DUALITY – a glorious ode to her synthy-dance aesthetic.

As synths, disco and ’80s-inspired beats enjoy a public renaissance – with big names like Dua Lipa and The Weeknd bringing the trend into the mainstream – Chicago’s own Tatiana Hazel proves that this is her realm to play in.

After covering (and loving) her previous two singles, “Don’t Care” and “In My Room,” we’d been counting down the days until this EP was released. Bursting with sweetly subtle harmonies and carried by infectious keyboarding, this is a project for every mood…especially if dancing is part of the plan.

DUALITY swings from devastating goodbyes to learning about self-love and acceptance. It’s the work of a singer who has plenty of stories to share and isn’t going to waste lyrical space in the telling. The opening track, “Right There” talks of Hazel’s struggle with wanting to continue pushing in the music industry, while “Summer Girl” is her first try at queer lyrasicm. As REMEZCLA wrote, “It’s my first song I’ve ever written about a woman while actually using pronouns,” she says. “I normally just keep them out of the songs.”

At a time when there’s plenty to be anxious about in this world, Hazel provides a safe space to feel. The EP is as multidimensional and textured as the artist behind it, yet there’s something so right about listening to a musician who’s as honest about their struggles and doubts as their confidence and triumphs. We all have moving parts within ourselves. Why not celebrate the duality we possess with some bop-worthy Disco?!

Hazel is also using this moment to raise funds for Brave Space Alliance, Chicago’s first Black and trans-led LGBTQ Center. All of the profits from her new DUALITY shirt, designed by Camilo Medina, will go to the center.

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Written by Shelby Kluver

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