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Tasha’s Sophomore Album Explores Yearning And Nostalgia

Written by on November 5, 2021

Chicago singer-songwriter Tasha returns with introspective Nov. 5 record Tell Me What You Miss The Most.

“This record feels much stronger as far as a representation of my songwriter and musicianship,” expressed Tasha about her sophomore album, Tell Me What You Miss The Most. “I did feel like I was piloting it in a way that I haven’t really felt before.”

Tasha had only been writing songs for two years before her 2018 debut record, Alone At Last, and the growth in her songwriting abilities is evident throughout her anticipated second album. Tasha’s poetry has always held equal power to her music, a balance continually propelling her work to emotional heights. Tell Me What You Miss The Most delves into intimate yet universal feelings and situations: struggling through loss, missing a former lover, dancing, swimming, loneliness, sleeping in her own bed. Tasha’s words are of someone trying to make sense of it all.

Guitar work on tracks like “Burton Island” lends a haunting beauty to the record; instrumentals shimmer as Tasha’s vocals glide over the soft bed of guitar she creates. Listening through Tell Me What You Miss The Most is mesmerizing, with each track offering a new aspect of self-reflection. Keyboards swells and vocal harmonies enhance the record’s deep emotions, engulfing the listener in its soundscape and pulling them further under Tasha’s spell.

Second track on the album “History” feels like a perfect summation of the record, as Tasha sings, “My yearning’s not quite out.” Tell Me What You Miss The Most yearns, it feels. It lives and breathes. Nostalgia and longing flow through Tell Me What You Miss The Most, but so does hope for the future.

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Vocalo mornings host at the time Jesse Menendez spoke with Tasha about Alone At Last in 2018, discussing her inspirations, activism and finding her place in the world. Stream it now below…

By Erik Anderson

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