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Vocalo’s Jill Hopkins checked out our May In Rotation playlist and chose some of her favorites.

Jill gives us her favorite tracks from our In Rotation playlist!

Jill’s Top 5 In Rotation tracks for March 2021

Jill Hopkins virtually sat down with Luvvie to talk about her new book, tackling our fears and how we can thrive in leisure.

Jill Hopkins chats with Demetruest about their new “DIRECTIONS” EP

Jill’s favorite In Rotation tracks for February, 2021…

Revisiting Jill Hopkins’ conversation with Mary Wilson and her lasting impact on the music industry

James Spooner is a founder of the Afro-Punk movement, co-founding the Afropunk music festival and directing the seminal film Afro-Punk.

From the Stephen Colbert Show to Pixar’s Soul, Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist and activist Jon Batiste uses music as a tool to change the world.

Jill gives us her top choices from this month’s rotation…