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Same Old New School 5: Verzuz, Jean Deaux, Andre Harrell & More

Written by on May 12, 2020

Every Monday at 8:30 p.m. Kevin Coval and Idris Goodwin take over Vocalo’s IG Live to look at how hip-hop intersects with culture, politics, fashion and more. It’s a half-hour of hip-hop, laughs and wisdom from some of the best guys in the game. It’s Same Old New School.

On this week’s episode the guys hung out to talk about Jill Scott vs. Erykah Badu on Verzuz, Jean Deaux’s new record Watch This, Andre Harrell’s death, “The Last Dance,” and more! Make sure to tune in every Monday night at 8:30 for new episodes.

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Jill Scott & Erykah Badu IG Battle

Producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have an ongoing IG Live series called Verzuz, featuring battles between singers, producers, and rappers. Saturday was filled with three glorious hours of the first battle between two women. Although both Coval and Goodwin admitted this was more of a night for friends, rather than a battle.

“They’re both mothers [and] amazing, beautiful, powerful, tremendous, talented black women kicking us off into mother’s day. Perfect,” said Goodwin.


Jean Deaux’s Watch This 

The new project from Chicago native Jean Deaux, Watch This, grabbed the attention of both our hosts. As Goodwin puts it, “There’s something there that’s off…in a good way. She’s got something to say.” The two discuss the rising star’s power as a writer and noted her unique ability to make something relatable to many people. “I don’t feel like a 40-year-old man listening in on a 25-year-old conversation,” said Goodwin.

Coval agreed, stating that Deaux has the star capabilities of an artist such as Drake, leaving no ceilings left for her career. “On the mic she’s very confident and I love that confidence from someone so young, from a woman, from someone singing and rapping,” he said.

They also noted the new Kehlani record, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which dropped at the same time, was also fantastic, but perhaps couldn’t hold up to the pen of Jean Deaux.

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Andre Harrell’s Death

There have been several giant deaths happening in the music world over the last few weeks, which has been heartbreaking to watch. And while the guys took a moment to say “Rest In Power” to figures such as Little Richard, they really had to discuss the passing of Andre Harrell.

“He was the architect of the 90s sound that’s coming back now,” said Coval. “He is responsible for that in a lot of ways.” Goodwin agreed, discussing how his finger is on the blueprint of so many different artists throughout the years and up until now.


Last Dance Episodes 5 & 6

Although they didn’t have much time to get into it, the guys continued their conversation about ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary. On episodes 5 and 6 Coval was especially struck about the episode’s look at how Michael Jordan became larger than Mickey Mouse.

“My theory is that Michael Jordan was right on time,” said Goodwin. With the culture, the media, and the country’s acceptance of black people, Goodwin said it was so powerful to watch. “Especially,” he said, “to see little white kids say they want to be this black man.”

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