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Domingos En Vocalo’s April Top Picks

Written by on April 16, 2021

Rocío Santos shares some of her favorite April selections for rotation on Domingos en Vocalo from across the Latin American world.

Mon Laferte – “Democracia”

This is one of the saddest weeks for Chicagoans, and it’s impossible not to feel Mon Laferte’s lyrics of her cumbia “Democracia”:

“tú no tienes la culpa de la violencia y de la matanza

así el mundo nos recibió con muchas balas poca esperanza

quiero que todo sea mejor.”

Political, fierce and vulnerable, Mon Laferte’s new album SEIS (Universal Music) is a melting pot that splendidly honors the Mexican music traditions of regional music, bolero and other músicas with distinguished collaborations ranging from Gloria Trevi to La Arrolladora Banda El Limón. This is a must-listen 14-song album that needs no translation to feel the core of one of Latin America’s greatest pop singers.

Lorena Blume – “Mailof”

“Mailof” is the absolute soundtrack for a date with oneself. Blume’s new single has accompanied me on this crisp April night while eating tallarines. Three years after her self-debut Cuchara chueca, Perú’s rising indie singer-songwriter Lorena Blume teases us this Spring with a reinvigorated sound that takes a more ludic approach to this pop song intertwined by caressing vocals, synths, guitars and even video footage sounds. Blume toasts to life, affirming: “beautiful things para mí, ya no siento temor” [beautiful things for me, I don’t feel dread], as we continue our lives in the ‘new normal’. 

George Arthur Calendar “Jazzcat”

For the past two years, George Arthur Calendar has been continuously releasing new music showcasing his tremendous musicianship and ongoing growth. For his upcoming album Paradox, to be released by the end of the month, Calendar approaches a jazz-funk sound influenced by icons such as Roy Ayers. “Jazzcat” is a well-crafted confession on self-control bizarrely represented in a video directed by Joshua Patterson.

Bebel Gilberto – “Deixa” (Joyce Muniz Remix)

One of Brazil’s most-acclaimed singers is remixed by Brazilian Berlin/Vienna-based DJ, electronic music producer and singer Joyce Muniz who pumps up the atmosphere of one of Gilberto’s first singles from her Grammy-nominated 2020 album Agora (Pias Recordings). Muniz transforms “Deixa” into a celebration accentuating a more percussive sound and an earthy tonality that refreshes the listening experience. It’s an explosive remix to dance to on repeat! 

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