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She’s Face, And It’s Facetime! 

Written by on January 30, 2023

Chicago singer-songwriter She’s Face ensures her music is intentional. Inspired by the sounds of R&B, rap and gospel, She’s Face blends all of her influences to shape her musical world. 

Music is in the blood of She’s Face. Her parents, especially her father, played an integral role in her introduction to music. Constantly surrounded by music production and in-home studios, the Chicago artist became enthralled by sounds of R&B, rap and gospel music from a young age.

“Throughout my childhood, my dad molded me musically,” She’s Face shared. “Always an in-home studio when we lived together… He absolutely pushed me further into my natural talent in many different ways.”

Photo by Bria Danielle, courtesy of She’s Face.

From childhood choir to middle school girl group, each step of a young She’s Face’s musical journey prepared her to become the solo artist she is today. Now, she creates music that feels “like a warm hug” and invites listeners to be part of her world. Her single “need this” was featured in Vocalo’s January “In Rotation” playlist, which she noted deals with the more difficult aspects of love.

“A lot of times people fall into the trap of holding on to the variations of ‘confusion’ that lust invites,” she explained. “ I’m a believer that in love, there is clarity and intention.”

Determined to find her musical space, She’s Face says her latest EP has something for everyone. She feels doing what she loves comes with trials, but she’s not afraid to face them head-on. 

She’s Face also breaks down how intention is a consistent hurdle she has to overcome when writing her music, how change is the most constant thing in her life, staying motivated to create music and feeling rooted through her artist name.

Photo by Bria Danielle, courtesy of She’s Face.

What was the music you listened to the most as a child? How does that music influence you now? 

I mostly listened to rap, indie, R&B and a good amount of gospel. I hear the influence in how I choose to layer harmonies and melodies more than anything. I also spot the influence lyrically, I’m mindful of how I choose to express things as I grow. Words are so powerful.

What is the story behind your artist name? 

“Face” is a family name. I’ve never gone by it, so to a lot of people it felt like a social rebrand when I came out as an artist. But for my closest friends and family, this was me moving closer to my roots. They already knew me intimately as “Face.” My (aunt) dad’s sister gave me the name as a baby, because when I got hungry I’d suck on the cheek of whoever held me.

What first got you into music? 

My parents met in the band, so I like to say they both did. Throughout my childhood, my dad molded me musically. Always an in-home studio when we lived together. Of course, I was in choir at church. Toward middle school, he got me with an agent for gigs. I became a part of a girl group, had constant rehearsals for that and my own career… It was a lot. He absolutely pushed me further into my natural talent in many different ways.

Is there an artist in Chicago you would love to collaborate with? Who and why? ​

Definitely, so many actually. I’ll name two. I just found Kayo (South Side). He just dropped, too, it is gold. He gets so personal lyrically, I admire how he tells a story. We would have a hit for sure.

Kiraly Payne, he and I are in touch now to collab. I’m so looking forward to it. He’s extremely talented. One of few people to mix in a way I like without consultation. 

Photo by Bria Danielle, courtesy of She’s Face.

How would you describe your sound to someone who isn’t familiar with your music?

My music is otherworldly to me. Everything I’ve released thus far has been intentionally digestible. I’m still learning what my world is, but I find a little more of it with every song I mix.
The best way I’ve heard it described is as a warm hug. I think that description will remain relevant for a while longer, but I’ll get experimental eventually.

Your single “need this” is featured in Vocalo’s January “In Rotation” playlist. Tell us the story behind making this single — any challenges you had to overcome?

I was as sick as I’ve been in a long time when I recorded it, and the product amazed me. I didn’t fight myself to be perfect, I just went. I value that effort, because the mix is pretty good for where I am now and it’s vocally honest. The song is about lust, attachment and empty promises… mistaken as moments of real connection. A lot of times people fall into the trap of holding on to the variations of “confusion” that lust invites. I’m a believer that in love, there is clarity and intention.

What about your sound do you feel sets you apart from other artists? 

It’s groovy and inviting. “need this” is absolutely sensual. But my EP has a track for everyone, a lot of my peer’s parents run “Shadows” nonstop. My audience is vast, and I plan to keep it that way.

What would you say is the [most] challenging part of writing music?

Being intentional. It’s easy to say anything and feed into any version of yourself, but oftentimes I have very particular moods I want to create lyrically. Staying true to that intention can be challenging, but in the face of it I take advantage of the ability to simply shift perspectives.

How are you able to stay motivated to make more music?

It’s very easy because I love this. I’ve always wanted to be able to make my own songs. My most difficult relationship with music was the stage where I could sing, but couldn’t write, couldn’t mix, couldn’t record… Growing pains resulted in elements of shyness, but I’m very passionate about my craft and I’m grateful to be patient enough to learn.

From when you first started to now, what is the one thing that has been the most consistent in your life? 

Change. I’ve developed a much better relationship with change than I started with. I feel very excited about it now because God illuminates the turns in my path every time. It’s all mental. God, therefore love and change are consistent in my life.

What are you working on next? New music? Live performances? What should listeners expect?

Expect elevation. It’s time to tell a friend to tell a friend… it’s Facetime!

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Interview and written introduction by Joshua X. Miller

Edited for length and clarity by Morgan Ciocca

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