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Shad Grapples With Social Inequality On Concept Album “Short Story About A War”

Written by on February 15, 2019

Shad’s newest album is called “Short Story About A War,” a concept album about a society plagued by fear, confusion, greed and inequality. It introduces a rich world full of chaos and societal tensions that gives way to hope and truth. Its main character, The Fool, tries to break free from the violence of the world and convince the listener that bullets have no power, while other characters and factions (The Snipers, The Revolutionaries, The Establishment and Stone Throwers) are entangled in a vicious struggle for power and dominance. The album is a multi-layered examination of modern-day economic and political systems that are created to profit off of fear, oppression and social divisions but it also strives to instill hope and serves up catchy, progressive Hip Hop beats.

When Shad isn’t creating music, he’s sharing its history as the host of the HBO series Hip Hop Evolution. Jill Hopkins spoke with Toronto MC about his African-Canadian family background and upbringing, his love of culture and Hip Hop, and of course the new album.

Listen to our interview below:

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Audio produced by Fyodor Sakhnovski

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