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Serena Isioma’s Crying In The Club… And May Have A Brand New Name

Written by on November 3, 2021

Chicago singer-songwriter Serena Isioma gets introspective to pounding beats in the Jared Avalos-directed music video for Nov. 3 single “Crying In The Club.” 

The music video for Serena Isioma’s latest single opens with the artist attached to strings like a marionette, dancing against a void over lyrics like “I don’t wanna die by myself / the way I’m living life, it isn’t healthy” as the pounding beat and rapid fire scene changes kick into gear.

Echoing dizzying feelings of being overwhelmed, Isioma spins on in isolation from one small surreal room to the next — trying to move forward while echoing the words “please help me.” The track feels like an internal monologue, a moment of heart-pounding clarity but loss of control as the camera swirls overhead in a chaotic dreamlike sequence.

Their fourth single in 2021, “Crying In The Club” was released a week after Isioma underwent top surgery, less than a month following their first headlining tour, they wrote on Twitter. According to their Instagram, it’s also “the last song by Serena Isioma.” The name on their social media accounts now reads “Dreamer,” like the character they play in the single’s music video — and on their Instagram profile, Dreamer’s profession is listed as “Movie Character.” It’s unclear whether this will be the artist’s new stage name moving forward.

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By Erik Anderson and Morgan Ciocca

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