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Savannah Wants You To Trust In Yourself

Written by on May 31, 2022

Pictured above: Savannah by Patrick D Simmons, courtesy of the artist.

Savannah prioritizes her own happiness and inner “Peace” with new EP.

Chicago singer-songwriter, model and entrepreneur Savannah González’s serene melodies and positive lyrics make the summer even brighter. Raised in a Caribbean household, music was a central part of Savannah’s daily life. She grew up writing songs and poems, surrounded by the music and dances of her Puerto Rican family members. At 16, Savannah started honing her natural talent in pursuit of a professional career. She trained with vocal coaches, producers and anyone with musical talent who could aid in her artistic growth. 

Photo courtesy of the artist, by Patrick D Simmons.

Savannah’s musical journey thus far has culminated in the release of her 2022 EP Peace, a soothing five-track meditation on mental wellness and inner peace. The EP’s most streamed single, “do not disturb (peace mantra),” was featured on Vocalo’s “Poised To Break Through” playlist for May 2022. Savannah wrote the song to offer a respite for those in stressful situations and help them get into a better headspace, just as it did for her. We heard from Savannah about her personal “peace mantras,” the importance of mental health and advice she would give to musicians just starting out.

You’ve mentioned your Puerto Rican heritage on social media. Are you originally from there? How does Puerto Rican culture influence your music, if at all?

Yes, all of my family on my mother’s side is from the island. My mother was born in Puerto Rico, and all of my family was as well, so I have very strong ties to my island, my culture and my people. I grew up back and forth between the Midwest USA and Puerto Rico, so my culture heavily influences me as an artist since that is the core of who I am, and where my family comes from.

What started you on your musical journey? How have your goals changed over the years?

My entire upbringing was very musical, so it never felt like it “started” at a certain point. Coming from a Caribbean household, music always naturally was part of my life and was all around me. Music is very much embedded into who I am and my culture. Music, song and dance. I come from a very musical family, and so it was something that was always part of my life! I grew up playing the flute and writing poetry and songs, and most of my family also played instruments or did artistic things. It was very organic and came naturally to me, and then I began to take it to a serious level. [I] began training my body and my voice with coaches, and studying with teachers, other musicians and producers who have guided me along the way on my own path of musical creation.

My goals have definitely changed over the years. I think now, more than ever, my goals have become focused on owning who I am and living in my power. Being in this industry, people can and will so easily tell you who they want you to be, what they want you to do, how they want you to sound or what your image should be. My goals have evolved; now that I am 24, I value my time and I’m no longer allowing others’ opinions to dictate me. At this stage in my life, I am prioritizing myself and my happiness… Focusing on my own authenticity and creative expression with no limits has been the most fulfilling feeling.

Your debut EP, Peace, was released in April! You’ve mentioned it’s been a long and hard road to releasing your music. What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout this process? 

The most important lessons I’ve learned in this long journey has been to never give up… you need to believe in your voice and abilities and to trust in your personal journey. 

Being a musician can feel so personal and vulnerable at times, especially as a vocalist. It’s definitely a hard road less traveled, and at times it can feel long, lonely and like you’re the only one that sees your efforts. Those long nights of producing, the many hours and years you dedicate, and sometimes sacrifice, to train your body and your mind, it can push some artists to… a breaking point or frustration. When you find yourself at this moment… that’s when you keep going. That’s when you decide to never give up. Those are the moments that you decide to believe in your voice, trust your journey and trust in the undeniable truth that you have something special to share with the world, because no matter what, this is your passion and your purpose. Trusting in your God-given creativity is very liberating and has been a lesson I have become blessed and grateful to have learned. 

Courtesy of the artist, by Shaun Andru.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out with making music?

The best advice I can give someone who is starting out is to be hungry. Always be open to learning, remain a student even in your mastery, even within your confidence, always be open and hungry to learning and taking advice, even when it isn’t what you want to hear, because this is what’s helped me learn the most on my journey. Always seek wisdom.

One single from Peace, “do not disturb (peace mantra),” was featured on our “Poised to Break Through” playlist. Tell us a little backstory behind the song and its meaning!

“Do Not Disturb (Peace Mantra)” is a freestyle that came from the soul. I heard the instrumental, I hit record, and that was it! 

There was a period in my life where it felt like there was no peace around me. I was living in constant strife, pain and chaos. “Do Not Disturb (Peace Mantra)” is the song that flowed naturally from the soul once I found myself in a more peaceful environment. It comes from a desire to heal and be healed. I wanted to share this song with others who may have also found themselves having to deal with stressful, painful situations and need words or melodies to soothe and help reset themselves into a more peaceful headspace. I would definitely call “Do Not Disturb (Peace Mantra)” a self-care track.

Courtesy of the artist.

Given it’s your most-streamed song on Spotify, do you feel this single exemplifies you as an artist? If so, in what ways? Why do you think listeners seem to resonate with this track?

I definitely feel like it exemplifies me as an artist today. I am at a much more peaceful point in my life, and I think that’s what I’m really valuing and prioritizing now — my peace and mental health. I think that I just feel blessed that other people also resonate with this track in that it is helping other people to prioritize their mental health as well. I get a lot of messages from fans that this track really helps them to calm down and reset, which is exactly how it felt for me when I created it. I’m just very grateful for that. 

Courtesy of the artist, by Patrick D Simmons.

What is your “peace mantra”? Do you have any other mantras that you live by?

My mantra is definitely to make sure that you have a positive and loving space around you! I think that it’s very important that if you find yourself in situations of unrest and strife or pain, that you prioritize your peace and what’s best for you and begin on a self-love journey of healing. This has definitely helped me in my life.

What are some goals you hope to achieve in 2022? Do you have any upcoming performances, or anything else you want to let listeners know about?

This year I plan on becoming even more of a boss. It’s always been my goal to run my brand as a business since I started when I was 16, so continuing to scale upon what I’ve built to this point is a very big goal of mine. Musically, I’m working on my next project and excited to release a new single, and I am currently heavily rehearsing for live performances this year. I feel blessed and excited to stay on the music radar. More music to come, so stay tuned!

Listen to Savannah on Spotify below and follow her on Instagram.

Interview by George Chiligiris and Morgan Ciocca

Introduction written by George Chiligiris

Edited for length and clarity by Morgan Ciocca

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