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Same Old New School Returns: Rappers Vs. Politicians, New Smino And More!

Written by on April 28, 2020

Our resident hip-hop Heads, Kevin Coval and Idris Goodwin, take over Vocalo’s IG Live every Monday at 8:30 p.m. for a half-hour segment. Full of hip-hop and nonsense and laughs, it’s Same Old New School.

On this week’s episode there was much to cover. From Fred The Godson’s death to a continuation of their “Rappers Vs. Politicans” conversation, and Michael Jordan’s “LAST DANCE” documentary to Smino’s new mixtape, there was no shortage of topics.

Catch a snippet of each conversation below or stream the entire segment above. And don’t forget to tune in next Monday for more fantastic Kevin and Idris content!

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Fred The Godson’s Death

One of the first Hip Hop casualties of the coronavirus pandemic, the guys reminisce on Fred The Godson as “A beloved bar god – just someone who really embodied New York Mixtape Rap. [He] loved punchlines, he was ferocious on the mic, and he repped the Bronx.”

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Rappers Vs. Politicians Part II 

It’s not often that politics and hip hop intersect in the overt ways one might imagine. But, as the guys point out, they have plenty to do with one another. Last week US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined The Fat Joe Show for an interview about capitalism, immigration, Trump and more.

“The most controversial topic that came up was Fat Joe asked AOC about her Top 5,” notes Goodwin. “And her list really surprised me man!”

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Michael Jordan’s “LAST DANCE” Documentary

In order to avoid spoilers, the guys only discussed the first two episodes of the documentary looking at Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bull’s last Championship run. New episodes air on Sundays on ESPN. The guys discuss how Jordan coming to the Bulls spurred a change within Chicago’s culture itself…creating a more dynamic and confident city.

“This is pretty iconic,” says Coval. “It changed Chicago! It’s hard to think about Chicago without Jordan. Because I think the Bulls gave Chicago the swagger that we carry with us now. It really emboldened a city to be dope!”

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Smino’s New Mixtape 

In the streaming era, the art of the mixtape has fallen to the wayside. But Smino is back with a surprise release of his own project, She Already Decided.

“It’s so consistent…and there’s great musicality,” says Goodwin. “He’s very confident. I like an artist saying ‘This is my sound, this is my world, Imma take you on a trip.’ So I really mess with it.”

Coval agreed, stating “He stands firm in the midwest tradition of blues.”


Tune in on IG Live every Monday at 8 p.m. for more episodes.

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