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Same Old New School 20: Conway the Machine, Big Sean, Posse Records

Written by on September 18, 2020

Every Monday at 8:30 p.m. Kevin Coval and Idris Goodwin take over Vocalo’s IG Live to look at how hip-hop intersects with culture, politics, fashion and more.

It’s a half-hour of hip-hop, laughs and wisdom from some of the best guys in the game. It’s Same Old New School.

Can you believe we are already 20 episodes in? We definitely cannot. But after 20 weeks of giving us their best conversations on hip hop, culture and everything in between, the boys are not slowing down, and don’t plan on it any time soon.

This was a big week in rap and hip hop with artists dropping new tracks and records like the world is ending. Conway the Machine is back with another hit record showing us his versatility. The duo also talk on the importance and resurgence of posse tracks. Lastly, Big Sean drops fresh new album full of features.

Conway The Machine

Conway is, to put it bluntly, efficient. It almost seems like he’s taken no breaks releasing EP after EP, album after album. His latesthis fourth project this year—Clean the Room Out scared some people with the quick turnaround, but Idris Goodwin assures us, this isn’t the case.

“When you have the type of artist who just flood it, the concern becomes ‘how do you not suffer from pattern exhaustion?’ How do you not start showing what your formula is? I feel like in this new record he really took some chances and dug deeper, giving us some real surprises in terms of the writing.”

Idris Goodwin

Posse Records

Years ago, hip-hop tended to be more cooperative. It used to be friends and peers gathering to share their creativity and their lyrics. And though now hip hop has trended toward individualism, a resurgence of the posse track has returned.

“I always love a good posse record. And for many artists being on a posse record is the only way to make it big. Look at Eminem, look at Busta Rhymes. Whenever you get invited to a posse record you have to murder it. Which means you have to come with versatility, you have to come with memorable quotes, you have to flip styles, you have to take the beat by the horns.”

Idris Goodwin

Big Sean

Closing out our show, the pair round back to the Midwest to talk about Big Sean’s latest release Detroit 2.

“He is really trying to go into being vulnerable. It’s a performative peeling back of traditional masculinity, but there are some things he does on here that are heartbreaking.”

Kevin Coval

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Written By Luis Mejia Ahrens

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