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Domingos en Vocalo: 6 must-see performances at Ruido Fest 2019

Written by on June 16, 2019

The fifth annual Ruido Fest has moved to Union Park this summer, but is steadfast in its tradition of curating an eclectic mix of Latinx music. This year, norteño and reggaeton acts are included in the bill alongside pop, rock, reggae performances and DJ sets.

Besides the most-awaited local, national and international performances, we’ve got seis recomendaciones that you won’t want to miss during Chicago’s premier Latin Alternative festival (June 21-23, 2019).




In the past five years, we have witnessed the artistic evolution and popular growth of Vanessa Zamora, from a young promise to an exceptional composer. Vanessa’s latest album Tornaluna points in multiple directions creating her signature sound: the songs have the immediacy of pop, and the intimacy of a singer-songwriter’s confessions. It became one of our favorites of 2018, and we expect her live act to evoke deep emotions through warm and contagious melodies. —Jesús Echeverria

Set time: Friday, 7:45PM, Steel Stage.



Tomasa del Real is the queen of reggaeton’s feminist offshoot known as neoperreo. Her lyrics and music have been ripping up social and sexual mores since she first arrived to the international Latin-alternative scene. Her live shows have the reputation of being as explosive as her songs, and we can’t wait to see her Chicago debut on Friday. —Jesús Echeverria

Set time: Friday, 9PM, Steel Stage.



Chicago’s Victor! or Victor Internet is the heartwarming synth-pop experimental project of Victor Cervantes—an 18-year old musician who grew up in a Mexican household with a mariachi father. His ingenious sound is driven by the infinite possibilities of music exploration. Hopes, disillusionment, and other ups-and-downs give life to his skillful compositions that speak of his generation. He’ll make an appearance at Ruido in the middle of his current U.S. tour with Cuco and Triathlon. Rocío Santos 

Set time: Saturday, 3:30PM, Gold Stage.



What does post-mariachi music sound like? Take a deep dive at the Steel Stage and catch the folk-rock hybrid sound of Mexico City’s Dani Bander—a gifted musician and longtime indie rock warrior, also known for being a founding member of La Banderville. Expect a 45-minute guitar-driven set, and sing along socially conscious songs that reveal an in-depth exploration of mariachi music with lyrics rooted in the Mexican identity—as heard on his two LPs: Malacopa (2017) and Blackout (2019).  It could’ve been perfect if Dani and Flor de Toloache shared the stage for a palomazo. —Rocío Santos

Set time: Saturday, 4:15PM, Steel Stage.



The popular trio from Las Palmas, Canary Islands based in Madrid bring a thunderous and frisky vibe en directo with a repertoire of rock volcánico. Boogie down to the rhythms of blues, garage-rock and sazón latino. Los Vinagres assure you that “la fiesta será en un volcán, aunque llueva…” Listen to their latest LP Los Volcanes, a collection of songs about parranda, amores and playful thoughts. —Rocío Santos

Set time: Sunday, 2PM, Gold Stage.



Ela Minus blurs the boundaries between indie music, modern composition, and electronic music. This Colombian-born/NY based multi-instrumentalist has navigated into a singular and unpredictable path since she began playing music in punk rock bands. Ela creates songs that showcase her experimental avant-pop side. We’ve seen Ela Minus perform in some of Chicago’s most intimate spaces surrounded by electronic gadgets and instruments, and we can attest that she has the ability to fill any space, as if she were a masterful electronic orchestra. —Jesús Echeverria

Set time: Sunday, 5:15PM, Steel Stage.

¡Nos vemos en el Ruido!

More about Ruido Fest: ruidofest.com

Ruido Fest 2019: 6 Must See Acts

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